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ATM on Servers
ATM is Now Running on Our Servers!Breaking News! ATM Methods can now run on our OmniVest Servers.  A new ATM[...]
Concurrent Market States Released
Concurrent Market States ReleasedConcurrent Market States (CMS) is a huge improvement to ATM.    The original design of ATM was[...]
The XZones ATM Method
XZones ATM MethodUnveiled at BASH 2018,  the XZones Method is a great trading approach that combines some of our best[...]
ATM a Huge Hit at BASH 2018
ATM a Huge Hit at BASH 2018The annual Nirvana Club meeting, or "BASH" was held June 3-4 in Austin Texas.[...]
Announcing: The Secret Weapon 2!
I am thrilled to announce the approach of ATM2 - our latest version of the Adaptive Trade Management System that[...]
Macro & Micro Method Released!
Macro & Micro Method Released!By Ed Downs (ATM method by Mark Holstius)I am thrilled to announce that Mark Holstius has[...]