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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is OmniData?

OmniData is a service provided by Nirvana Systems that provides End-of-Day and Real-time data to registered users. It is used to power Nirvana’s software products OmniTrader and VisualTrader.

2. What is the difference between End-of-day and Real-Time?

Real-Time traders use intraday data (prices that are constantly updating throughout the day) to make decisions about when to buy and sell during the trading day. End-of-day traders collect their data (Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, and Open Interest) for the day after the markets have closed. Real-Time data includes intraday, daily, and weekly time frames while End-of-day data consists of daily and weekly bars only. We have products designed specifically for each type of trader. OmniTrader and VisualTrader each have End-of-day and Real-Time versions. The Real-Time and Pro editions of our software can use both End-of-day and Real-Time data.

3. For Real-Time, what data feed do I need for OmniTrader and VisualTrader?

Our software can work with one of three Real-Time data feeds: OmniData, eSignal, or IQ Feed. We recommend running our software with OmniData for the highest quality data at the best price.

4. For End-of-day, what data feed do I need for OmniTrader and VisualTrader?

Our software is designed to work with OmniData, but can work with other data providers. Contact our sales team if you would like more information on additional data providers. Also OmniData must be used if OmniScan is desired.

5. Can I use OmniData with any 3rd party software?

No. OmniData is specifically designed to work with Nirvana System’s products.

6. Do I have to use your data feed?

No, although we recommend using our data feed, both OmniTrader and VisualTrader work with several different data feeds.

7. What is OmniScan?

With OmniScan, you can scan the entire market for virtually any fundamental or technical condition, generating fresh, pre-qualified lists each day. Our End-of-day scanner is faster and easier to use than any competitive program, and it´s integrated right inside OmniTrader. You will automatically get the best lists to trade! Learn more.

8. Can I use OmniScan with other data feeds?

OmniScan can only be used with Nirvana’s OmniData service.

9. Can I use OmniScan in Real-Time?

While you have the ability to import a list of OmniScan symbols into Real-Time, OmniScan is currently an End-of-day only service. We do have plans to incorporate OmniScan into Real-Time in the future. Click here.

10. If I'm a professional trader, can I use OmniData?

Yes. Professional traders are able to sign up for and receive Nirvana’s OmniData Real-Time service. Click here to see if you qualify as a Non-Professional or Professional.

11. Can I run OmniData Real-Time on more than one PC at a time with one subscription? Or OmniData Real-Time on one PC while running OmniData End-of-day on another?

a. Every PC connecting to our servers must have it’s own Data Manager running and each Data Manager must have a unique Username and Password to function. Therefore, you must set-up a paying account for each PC you want to run OmniData. This is mostly mandated by the Exchanges since they consider each PC a “single user” and hence should be charged an exchange fee.
This applies to running OmniData on a LAN or wireless network. Each separate PC that connects to our server farm must have its own Username/Password. In other words, even on a LAN or WAN, you can’t “share” OmniData. This is also the case if you’re running one PC and are trying to build a router with transparent failover redundancy, ie. ISP goes down and your backup ISP connects without manual intervention. Dual load balancing will not work with OmniData. If you find a custom solution around this please note that Nirvana will not support it.
b. OmniData End-of-day stocks does not use the Real-Time Data Manager, so OmniData customers can run Real-Time on one machine while running OmniData EOD Stocks on another at the same time, with the same account!

12. Can I run OmniData Real-Time on OmniTrader an VisualTrader on one PC with one subscription?


13. What time frames can be displayed inside OmniTrader and VisualTrader?

Real-Time versions of our software can display daily, weekly, and any intraday time frame in the range of 1 minute to 999 minutes. For our End-of-day editions, daily and weekly bars can be displayed.

14. How much historical daily and intraday data is available with OmniData?

OmniData Real-Time and End-of-day include 15+ years of historical daily data for stocks, funds, indexes, & futures. OmniData Real-Time includes 1-Minute history back to January 2007. However, current limitations only allow OmniTrader to display up to 112700 bars and VisualTrader up to 2000 bars in intraday timeframes. SignalWatch Live will display up to 300 bars in intraday timeframes.

15. Can I use OmniData's Market Breadth indicators in Real-Time?

Yes. Several hundred Market Breadth indicators are available to use in Real-Time.

16. Does OmniData provide any international stocks or Forex data?

Not at this time, but we may in the future.

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