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Money Zone 3

Money Zone 3


Compatible Platform: OmniTrader / VisualTrader

Recommended Data: End Of Day / Real Time

The Money Zone is based on the universally accepted concept known as Market Profile. It is being used by Real Time and End-of-Day traders alike to trade the most profitable levels in the market.

Secrets Revealed!

The secrets of the Pros have been revealed with Nirvana’s Money Zone 3.0 Module. Now you will be able to see and play the same levels that have been making professional traders rich for years! For every trade, there is a good price, a bad price, and a fair price. The Money Zone will help you find the best price.

Price is Leading

The concept behind the Money Zone is easy. The module uses previous trading activity to forecast hidden support and resistance levels, creating a truly price based leading indicator. Professionals trade from leading indicators that are derived solely from price to stay ahead of the crowd - and now you can too! Once these amazing levels are plotted on your charts, you’ll be able to see the underlying road map to the market that has guided professionals for years!

Money Zone 3 Includes:

  • Stunningly Accurate Strategies
  • Home Run E-Mini Results
  • Multiple Time Frame Plotting
  • New Systems and Stops
  • Improved Customization
  • Confluence Levels
  • Confluence Chart Templates
  • Mastering the Money Zone Seminar

Stunningly Accurate Strategies

We’ve improved the Money Zone Module across the board, and this includes its systems. With improved customization, Money Zone 3.0 allows us to define the most profitable Money Zone signals. One of the biggest improvements is the ability to set thresholds around important Money Zone levels, thereby allowing us to home in on key reversal zones with amazing precision. This level of detail and customization has led to some of the MOST ACCURATE SIGNALS we’ve ever produced!

Real-Time and End-of-Day Strategies

Money Zone 3.0 includes three real-time strategies which all provide great trading signals as well as outstanding results.

The MZ2 Reversal Strategy

As the market looks to establish value, the MZ2 Reversal Strategy capitalizes on the price movement by trading off of the Upper and Lower Money Zone levels. In the chart below, you can see how this strategy is able to pinpoint sharp reversals and quick profits.

The MZ2 Breakout Strategy

Big profits can be made when price breaks out of the Money Zone; the MZ2 Breakout Strategy takes advantage of these moves. This strategy is the most profitable of the three real-time strategies, and the chart below for EXC shows an example of the power behind these signals.

The MZ End-of-Day Strategy

The Money Zone concept spans across timeframes, making it perfect for day traders, swing traders, and position traders. Our new MZ2 EOD strategy combines our best Money Zone tools to deliver an all-in-one approach to profiting with daily charts. This strategy makes great use of both the MZ2 Breakout and MZ2 Reversal systems to produce excellent signals for the EOD warrior. See chart below.

 Want proof? Our initial testing shows NEARLY 70% ACCURACY on the stocks in the S&P 100 over the last two years!