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About  Nirvana Systems

Who We Are And Why You Should Know Us!

Nirvana Systems’ mission has always been to expand the universe of successful traders. To accomplish this goal, we have merged technology along with our unparalleled understanding of investing to level the playing field for our customers. Along the way, we pioneered many of the advancements in trading software technology.

We were among the first trading companies to deliver Artificial Intelligence and Trading Automation and are recognized as leaders in the field. We held the first Robotic Trading competition,”Robo-Con”, over ten years ago!

Our Chart Pattern Recognition continues to lead the way as the industry standard.

After years of perfecting our craft, our software is delivering…

Today not only do we continue to build award winning trading software, we are also participating and pioneering the revolutionary shift to Automated Fund Management products.

At Nirvana Systems trading technology is our passion. Our team consists of trading enthusiasts coupled with world class developers who take pride in their work and the detail required to produce high quality solutions, start to finish.

Looking to the future, we will continue to improve our existing products and create new ones that will help our customers reach their investment goals.

We would love to have you join our ever growing community of successful customers.

Nirvana Systems, Inc.

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