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Find the Best Stocks for WaveTrader

WaveScans was designed to find the symbols that are most favorable for Wave Trading techniques.

The value of WaveScans is its ability to isolate those stocks that work best with the WaveTrader Strategies, which will save time in your prospecting. We run WaveScans on our servers to identify the stocks that are best suited for trading the waves.

When you open your Focus List, you get smooth-moving stocks that form nice, rolling waves. Just download the WaveScans list and start prospecting.

WaveScans are available in both End-of-Day and Real-Time.


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Catch the Waves!

WaveScans End-of-Day $19.95/month

WaveScans Real Time $29.95/month

Wave Scans Bundle(EOD and RT) $39.95/month

*You must have Nirvana’s WaveTrader Plug-in to use WaveScans. WaveScans works in OmniTrader 2008 and later versions. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.