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Seasonality Scans
Jump Start Your Focus List with Nirvana's Seasonality Scans

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We have created a new Seasonal Scan Service. Every week we run Seasonal Scans on our powerful servers to identify those Stocks and ETFs out of the entire US stock market that are most favorable to Seasonal Trading.

After scanning, we rank the stocks based on the reliability of their seasonal tendencies and how well they are currently tracking their historical seasonal pattern.  We then take the best stocks from this ranking and feed them directly into your OmniTrader.  Simply run your OmniTrader To-Do List and engage the market with the best Seasonal Trading candidates available.

See Profitable Seasonal Scans Right in OmniTrader

You don’t need Seasonal Scans to use Seasonality 2.0, but the value of the Seasonal Scans Service is its ability to isolate the hottest Seasonal stocks across the entire market, which will save you time in your prospecting

We are include a FREE 6 MONTH TRIAL to Seasonal Scans when you purchase of Seasonality 2.0.   With Nirvana’s Seasonal Scan Service, you’ll turbo charge your Seasonal Trading and trade with confidence knowing you have the best stocks in your list.

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