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Rainbow Oscillator

Get Ahead of Trend Direction Changes with the Oscillator!

The Rainbow Oscillator Indicator proves that markets are not random or chaotic, but follow specific trends that can be forecasted. The Rainbow Oscillator is used to forecast the changes of trend direction and is derived from a consensus of trends that has the appearance of a rainbow when it is plotted in color. The Rainbow Oscillator Indicator produces buy and sell signals, as well as determining overbought and oversold positions.

As market prices go up and down, the oscillator indicator appears as a direction of the trend, but also as the safety of the market and the depth of that trend. As the ["rainbow", maybe ranges] grows in width, the current trend gives signs of continuity, and if the value of the oscillator indicator goes beyond 80, the market becomes more and more unstable, being prone to a sudden reversal.

When prices move towards the rainbow and the oscillator becomes more and more flat, the market tends to remain more stable and the bandwidth decreases.

Still, if the oscillator value goes below 20, the market is again, prone to sudden reversals. The safest bandwidth value where the market is stable is between 20 and 80, in the Rainbow Oscillator indicator value.
The depth a certain price has on a chart and into the rainbow can be used to judge the strength of the move.


Get an edge with VIX Fix by knowing what other traders are going to do!

The VIX Fix measures how close the current market price is to the lowest price of the last few weeks. When prices are in uptrends, the close is usually near the high. But prices close near the low in downtrends. This indicator works because it's based on how traders behave. The calculation fixes some of the problems with the VIX.

The moving average shows us the average value of the VIX. When the indicator crosses the moving average, we get a trade signal.
When the VIX Fix moves above the average, it’s telling us that fear is above average, and that is the time to sell. When fear drops, the indicator gives a buy signal. It’s telling us buyers are coming back into the market.

Rotation Factor (RF)

Use RF to get a snapshot of who is in control, Buyers or Sellers!

Rotation Factor is a sentimental indicator to Indicate who is control (Buyers/Sellers) in the market for the day. If the rotational factor prints positive values every day then it mean buyers are in control in the market. Negative Values indicates sellers are in control.

A sentiment indicator is designed to represent how a group feels about the market or economy. These market psychology-based indicators attempt to quantify sentiment, in the form of figures or graphically, to predict how current beliefs and positions may affect future market behavior

Sentiment indicators look at how bullish or bearish market actors and what they are thinking and feeling, which may help forecast investors' future behavior. When sentiment readings are unusually high or low, they may begin acting in a contrarian way. For example, when investors are extremely bearish, that is often a contrary signal to sentiment indicator traders that market prices could start heading higher soon.

Coral Trend Indicator (CTI)

CTI Keeps You Focused on Great Trades, by Filtering Out Bad Trades!

Coral Trend Indicator is a trend following indicator designed to plot in PSAR style (Parabolic Stop and Reverse); where Green represents a bullish trend and red represent a bearish trend.

Coral Trend Indicator is a linear combination of moving averages, all obtained by a triple or higher order exponential smoothing. The indicator comes with a trend indication which is based on the normalized slope of the plot.

The current trend is displayed as [insert OmniTrader terminology]; up, down or flat. By adjusting the neutral threshold parameter, one may define the range of slopes that will render a flat trend.

Therefore, with a neutral threshold parameter of 0, the neutral state will be eliminated and the indicator will only plot up or down trends.

The Coral Trend Indicator is mainly used as a filter. When prices move above the filter, short positions are blocked and vice versa. This basic approach may be refined by further considering the normalized slope. If the slope trend is up, it’s long only, whereas a slope trend which is down is short only. If the slope is flat, both long and short scenarios are considered.


Better! Better! Better!

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Let Me Show You Why
OmniTrader 2021 is Simply Better!

Profit with the
Power of the Alligator!

It Starts with Better Organization

OmniTrader 2021 is all about making things better, we started by improving your
ability to arrange and move OmniTrader charts, and windows including the Focus List,
Portfolio the ALL NEW Universal Watch list and more for Better Organization!

Combined with Better Charts

OmniTrader 2021 has pushed the limits on the industry’s most fully featured charts by adding the ability to apply indicators to indicators. This is one of the most important improvements because traders often use Indicator Crossovers to confirm profitable trades.

We have also added a symbol water mark to the chart background and gave you the ability to lock your data values window so your always up to date.

And - Better Workflow

One of the greatest things about the OmniTrader 2021 upgrade is the small improvements that make BIG IMPACTS. Like the ability for OmniLanguage to guide users to the specific component where your custom code is having problems. And BIG improvements to OmniScans. You now have control over when OmniScans update while you are creating your New Scans.

These new features make it easier to organize the program,
Create Better Charts, Find Better Trades, and Make Better Decisions. It’s Simply Better!

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The Power of System Indicator Scans

With this new feature, it’s EASY to find powerful signals! Watch the webinar recording and Ed show you how System Indicator Scans can find incredible opportunities every day!

Introducing GatorTrader

A Powerful New Trading Approach

“The Best Trend Plug-in
I’ve Ever Seen”

In his book, “New Trading Dimensions” Bill Williams suggests that chaos theory and fractal geometry
provide insights into market behavior that cannot be gleaned any other way. Using this concept he developed the
amazing Alligator Indicator. This is just one of the many great contributions Bill Williams made for traders.

Since we created the plug-in, I have been using the Alligator Indicator in my charts
and I have to say it’s the best trend indicator I’ve ever seen.” - Ed Downs

The Alligator Indicator - Simple Yet Powerful

The Alligator Indicator will help you instantly understand where you are in the trend of any market. In the above chart of Apple, two major trends occurred, one from mid-June to late July 2019, and the second from early September to late November.

With the Alligator Indicator, when the Teeth and Jaw cross each other multiple times, the Alligator is said to be sleeping, indicating that the market is trendless. As the Lips and Teeth begin to separate, we see the beginning of an uptrend (the Alligator is waking). Finally, as price moves above the Lips the Alligator is said to be eating – a strong trend is underway!

In each of these trends, the lines are spaced apart, and price is above all three. It’s so easy to see. If price drops to the Jaws (blue line) but does not penetrate it (as in early October), that is a great time to add to positions. And as the lines come back together, the Alligator is said to be full and the trend is likely to be over.

We’ve built on Bill Williams’ powerful foundation to create GatorTrader -
The most robust Trend trading tool available.

Incredibly Profitable Gator Strategies 
Powerful Strategies to Engage in Any Market

The Three Wise Men Strategy

The Three Wise Men uses the Alligator Indicator and is designed to take advantage of the trending nature of markets. A long-term Strategy that continues to add to position size as the trend continues, maximizing profits. Employing an incremental approach (Three Wise Men) we can get into the trend early without too much early risk – Big Profits being the side effect.

The Three Wise Men provides a great Trading Strategy for any market, including End of Day, Real Time, and Forex. One of the most powerful things about the Three Wise Men is the way it accumulates position size. The vertical lines on these charts show where the position size is being increased as the trend is confirmed for very profitable long-term trades.

Recent Great Trades

GatorTrader  Short Term

GatorTrader Three Wise Men

GatorTrader Three Wise Men Forex Strategy

GatorTrader Three Wise Men EOD Strategy

Massive Profits with End of Day Stocks

Big Gains in Forex

Intraday Winner

The Gator Short Term Strategy
Quick Profit Powerhouse

Bill Williams’ work did not end with the Alligator Indicator or the Three Wise Men. He made extensive use of two Momentum Indicators that he created for powerful short-term systems. And with this incredible information, we created the Gator Short Term Strategy.

The Gator Short Term Strategy is highly accurate, extensively using two additional momentum indicators. The Acceleration (AC) and the Awesome Oscillator (AO). Showing a Hit Rate of over 73% on stocks in the S&P over the last 5 years.

This chart on the right for NVDA shows Gator Short Term trades. Both of these trades were generated by the Gator Against Momentum System (see below) which detects early changes in momentum. This shows how powerful the momentum change concept is for capturing short term profits.

Profiting from
Changes in Momentum

Four Great Systems – One Awesome Strategy!

Gator Short Term is powered by four different systems as defined by Bill Williams.
Each system takes advantage of increasing momentum or changes in momentum.

The AC with Momentum System fires when
momentum increases above the zero line.

The AO Cross System fires when the
Gator Acceleration Indicator crosses the zero line.

The AC Against Momentum System fires when momentum increases below the zero line.

The AO Saucer System finds
temporary dips in momentum.

Take a Bite Out of the Market
 - Mastering the Alligator

A New Seminar by Jeff Drake

In this seminar by Jeff Drake, you will learn how to use the GatorTrader Plug-In. Each of the components and trading rules are broken down, making it easy to understand what the indicator is showing you, and what the best Signals look like. 

Alligator Lines offer an outstanding visualization of trend direction, and Jeff’s examples will bring this to light for you.

Of course, there are also great Strategies included, and Jeff will cover those as well. Our Seminars normally sell for $249 but Mastering the Alligator is included FREE with the upgrade package.

Included in the Package
GatorTrader OmniScans

Two great OmniScans are included with GatorTrader.

The Gator Indicator Scan is perfect for finding stocks where “the Alligator is waking,” These are places where the green, red, and blue lines have begun to spread apart, indicating the start of a trend. Typical scan points are shown in the image to the left. Find all newly-trending Stocks in the whole market!

The Gator Short Term Scan finds all stocks that meet System requirements for the Short Term Strategies provided with GatorTrader.

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Important Information: Futures, options and securities trading has risk of loss and may not be suitable for all persons. No Strategy can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading.