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Get the Best Lists in Less Time

Profitable trading always starts with the question, "Which list should I use?" There is no question that if you start with a good list, you will get better results.

With OmniScan, you can scan the entire market for virtually any fundamental or technical condition, generating fresh, pre-qualified lists each day. Our scanner is faster and easier to use than any competitive program, and it´s integrated right inside OmniTrader. You will automatically get the best lists to trade!

We provide over twenty great technical scans, such as "Smooth Movers," that can be used right away. You can also write your own scans. OmniTrader includes over 100 indicators to help you create scans.

In the center are all the lists that have been created; any or all of them can be activated for analysis by checking the box on the left. In the Criteria Rules box, scans can be created or edited using fundamental criteria, technical conditions, or formulas form the Formula Library.

Nearly 100 of Media General´s Fundamental fields are provided in OmniScan. These include the same fundamentals provided in other fundamental scan tools, such as earnings growth, dividend yield, book value, and a host of other important fundamental measurements.

Fire up OmniScan and get instant access to scans we´ve created to help you isolate the stocks that are poised to move. There is no longer any need to use a separate program to generate lists for OmniTrader. OmniScan provides firepower not found in any other program.

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OmniScan w/OmniData:

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* You must have an OmniData account to use OmniScan. OmniScan works in OmniTrader 2006 and up. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.