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Concurrent Market States Released

Concurrent Market States Released

Concurrent Market States (CMS) is a huge improvement to ATM.    The original design of ATM was oriented around testing market states in sequence to select one to trade.  Market States can be Bullish, Bearish, Neutral or any other kind of market.

What Concurrent Market States adds is the ability to trade multiple market states at the same time.   With this feature, it's possible to run different states on different groups.

CMS facilitates two important trading ideas:
1. Concurrent Industry Group Rotation
2. Special Situations related to Market Behavior.

For Industry Group Rotation, multiple states are defined under each Industry Group, and the first Market State to fire true within the Group is executed.  However, Market States in OTHER groups can fire at the same time (one market state per).   So, it's possible to trade Oil Stocks when oil is going up, while at the same time trading Pharmaceutical Stocks if they are rallying.  And there can be as many groups as the user cares to define!

For Special Situations, it's possible to ALWAYS evaluate and trade certain Market States when they are true.  The classic example of this is purchasing inverse ETFs when the market fails in an IRA.  If the State is labelled as always active, it will trade whenever the general market is falling.

Training Video by Jeff Drake

A new training video is now on the Videos page that explains how to use the Concurrent Market States feature.    We are working on examples now to post on Downloads, but the video will show ATM owners how to get their hands on the feature now and build their own ATM Methods using the CMS feature.

Click here to watch the video.

What's Next?

Right now, our team is working to release a solid CMS example.  We are ALSO testing the next major feature for ATM - Index Put Protection.  Watch for news on this exciting advancement soon!

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