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The XZones ATM Method

XZones ATM Method

Unveiled at BASH 2018,  the XZones Method is a great trading approach that combines some of our best RTM Strategies to create a robust trading solution.

Required Strategies*

  • X-Suite
  • iZones
  • XLS-19 V2
  • Z3

XZones is showing 41.6% returns with just 12.6% draw downs 
in historical testing, 2006-2018.     

Resources for ATM Owners:

  • Downloads contains the installation file.
  • Click here to watch the BASH 2018 presentation on the Strategies that make up XZones, as well as the method itself.

* Don't have some of the required Strategies?  Call Nirvana Sales at 800-880-0338 and tell them you are an ATM owner.  They will give you an ATM discount.