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ATM on Servers

ATM is Now Running on Our Servers!

Breaking News! ATM Methods can now run on our OmniVest Servers.  A new ATM Method Upload feature has been developed that enables ATM Owners to upload their Methods directly to OmniVest under the Strategy Upload facility!  

Now, you can develop profitable ATM Methods using any Strategies (including those we sell), and either (a) use the Method  in your own trading in OmniVest  and/or (b) charge a subscription fee to others... 


ATM Elite Traders Wanted!

We want YOU to participate in our ATM Elite Traders initiative!  

We are launching a special program today to recruit ATM Elite Traders for OmniVest. If you already have a good ATM Method or are developing one, please let us know. 

ATM Elite Trader Survey.

Once approved, you will be able to upload your ATM Method(s) directly into OmniVest to run on our servers.  As with any Elite Trader in OmniVest, you can charge a subscription for your Method. Some members make $thousands doing this.

Licensing ATM Methods for OmniVest Institutional

We will evaluate the ATM Methods that are provided. As we identify an ATM Method we believe is likely to perform consistently over time, we will make an offer to license the Method for use in OmniVest Institutional, our specialized OmniVest Platform for Accredited Investors..

ATM Method Guidelines

Virtually all ATM Methods can run on our servers.  However, certain things like only using Market on Open orders and removing any optimization within the method must be done before the Method can be uploaded.  

OmniTrader will tell you what corrections you need to make, which it will do when you click Upload to Server. Here are the printed guidelines:

ATM Method Guidelines

   How it Works

1)   A new button in ATM allows users to upload the entire ATM Method to our Servers.  

2)   The upload screen is very similar to "Upload Strategies" and can upload all Strategies used as well as all OmniLanguage code

3)   The uploaded ATM Method appears as a "Strategy" in OmniVest, and also as a Portfolio if the option was checked.   Deploy as an Elite Trader Portfolio and establish what you want to charge!

Take the Survey and sign up to be an ATM Elite Trader now!