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The VisualTrader platform delivers quality trade ideas every day, in any market conditions

Unleash Your Maximum
Profit Potential with Visual Trader

Unleash Your Maximum
Profit Potential with Visual Trader

There are Three Versions of VisualTrader Trading Platform That Cater to the Various Needs of Today's Market Traders... 

End-of-Day Edition

The End-of-Day edition is the perfect trading platform for traders who monitor their positions on a daily basis, but are unconcerned with the small intraday market moves.

Real Time Edition

The Real Time edition is for active traders, who are constantly watching the market throughout the trading session and need fast, reliable, accurate information.

Professional Edition

With the Professional edition, we add a whole new level of customizability and functionality. In addition to the Real Time features, VisualTrader Pro allows the user to code their own measurements, indicators, systems, and more in OmniLanguage, our easy to use scripting language.

End Of Day

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee



  • Patented Market Visualizations
  • Integrated Group Analysis
  • 150+ Indicators and Studies
  • 3 Powerful Trading Strategies
  • Build Custom Strategies
  • Integrated Brokerage
  • VisualTrader Market Simulator
  • And So Much More!

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee



  • Build Custom Analysis with OmniLanguage Scripts
  • Built-In Criteria Library for Quickly Building Scripts
  • All Features from Real Time
  • Patented Market Visualizations
  • Integrated Group Analysis
  • 150+ Indicators and Studies
  • 3 Powerful Trading Strategies

Notes on Data Services: We provide End-of-Day and Real time data through our OmniData service for the VisualTrader trading platform.

Other supported data providers: For Real Time analysis, the VisualTrader trading platform also works with eSignal, Xenith and IQ Feed data streams. For End-of-Day, non-streaming data, you can also use Worden Brothers data, as well as other sources that use the Metastock data format.

Special Bonus!
Making Money with VisualTrader - A FREE 2 Hour Seminar

Your VisualTrader purchase includes incredible education to help you start trading with the software immediately. Making Money with VisualTrader not only includes information-packed tutorials to help you learn how to apply VisualTrader to your trading, but also features special sections on how to use VisualTrader to trade both End-of-Day and in Real Time.

The first part of Making Money with VisualTrader focuses on the basics of the program. You will learn how to harness the power of the VisualTrader Map and Opportunity List through measurements and transforms. Armed with this knowledge, you will be ready to incorporate the Trading Strategies and Chart Patterns into your analysis and then learn how to hone your trading skills using the Playback feature.

You will also be introduced to more advanced concepts including the different types of trading setups to look for, and how to customize VisualTrader to match your trading style.

The second part of the seminar concentrates on trading approaches with VisualTrader. These concepts will give you the ability to begin trading with VisualTrader immediately, whether you trade End-of-Day or in Real Time.

Making Money with VisualTrader is presented in an easy to navigate format which allows you to watch any section of the seminar instantly. This will let you learn the program at your own pace, and view only the portions of the seminar that pertain to your trading approach. Making Money with VisualTrader (a $249 value) is included FREE with your purchase of VisualTrader!

Making Money with VisualTrader

Introduction to VisualTrader

Mastering the Features in VisualTrader

End-of-Day Trading Techniques with VisualTrader

Real Time Trading Techniques with VisualTrader

NEW Features in VisualTrader

VisualTrader Trading Secrets

Seminar Included FREE with Your Purchase