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Recent Advances on Micro States

Recent results generated using Mark Holstius' ATM Micro States Method

It's hard to believe how far the Adaptive Trade Management System has come since its release just 2 months ago.  I don't think anyone can dispute the claim that using combinations of Market State, Ranking, Filtering, Long/Short Balancing and Allocation applied to existing Nirvana Strategies can easily produce results 2-5 TIMES as high as those we have ever seen previously.

The image on this blog is of Mark Holstius' Micro States method performance.  I described the concept of Micro States in a webinar I held in early February - the idea being that we should be able to isolate specific short term moves in a market and target specific Strategies that work well with those moves.

Mark took this concept and created his own indicators to measure Market States in short timeframe (Micro States) and produced the results shown above.  Keep in mind that the profile that comes with this method is just 300 very liquid stocks - nothing out of the ordinary, but also not the stocks of any index (lists like the Dow 30 or S&P 100 that have significant "survivor bias").

The thing I really appreciate about Mark is his willingness to share this method with all ATM owners - it's available on our Downloads Page.  I have already of users applying this method in live market conditions.  One of them reports he is up 2.5% in just 3 days.  

We have been improving ATM every week.  This week, we began testing options trading, using Options Trade Plans in OmniTrader.   I can promise some VERY exciting blog posts in the near future on this topic.   We are also implementing Index Option hedges in ATM, where the platform automatically hedges positions with index options to protect against a market correction.  It's close at hand!

"This is exactly what I've been waiting for!"

John Leslie, a Nirvana customer who bought our first product wrote me saying,   “This is it! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve been with Nirvana for years - now it's all coming together. I would characterize the new Adaptive Trade Management System as the Complete Solution. There simply isn’t anything in the marketplace that can maximize investment returns and manage risk like ATM.  I’m thrilled with this new tool for growing my portfolio. I can’t wait to see the system integrated into OmniVest along with the optional index put protection. Thanks for bringing this incredibly powerful system to serious investors. - John Leslie”

In my opinion, ATM is the key to success ALL of us have been waiting for.  Trading Strategies applied in concert with market volatility and direction just makes sense.

I think we are going to break new ground this year.  I would even go further to say that history is about to be made with this product.   Of course, it will eventually end up in OmniVest, which is a whole new story and blog post.  But right now, our users - including me! - are engaging this product in OmniTrader.   ATM has the potential to dramatically change our trading fortunes in 2018.

I'm as excited as I have ever been about any of our products!  But all of them  - our Strategies, our Artificial Intelligence - all of them can be improved through the application of ATM.