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The VisualTrader platform delivers quality trade ideas every day, in any market conditions

Get the Most Profitable View of the Market Ever Created.

We're Changing the Way Traders See the Market

Announcing VisualTrader 12.5

It’s all about Trade Flow

With VisualTrader 
The Trade Ideas Come To You

Situational Awareness for Profitable Trading

Using "heads up" displays and modern systems, fighter pilots always know where they are and what is around them

Now Available Version 12.7!


  • Cryptocurrency Support
  • Compatible with all prior Plug-ins
  • Many Powerful Improvements

When trading the markets the need for clear situational awareness is clearly important to your success. Many traders fumble in the market looking for the next great trade idea. Let the trade ideas come to you with VisualTrader.

VisualTrader's patented 3D view of the market lets you see which stocks are moving

The Power of Simple: With VisualTrader's patented 3D display see which stocks are moving the

VisualTrader comes standard with trade signals and chart pattern recognition that makes it easy to see the trade ideas quickly and early

With VisualTrader's Signals and Patterns, the profitable trade ideas Come to You.

Practice before you trade with VisualTrader's built-in trade simulator and back testing

Practice Before you Trade with VisualTrader's Built-in Simulator.

cutting edge TECHNOLOGY

The VisalTrader trading platform uses patented 3D heads up technology to deliver profitable trade ideas to you before the market moves, in any market conditions. Use the built-in trade ideas market scanner to find profitable trade candidates every day.

The VisualTrader trading platform uses patented technology to give you a 3D view of exactly where the market is going.


Our traders love the way VisualTrader visualizes the market and simplifies the complexity by delivering great trade ideas every trading day

"VisualTrader delivers incredible trade ideas, day after day. It is unparalleled for making the complexity of the market simple to understand…For me it has been a license to print profit - year after year." - Peter Brooks

VisualTrader Upgrade History.

Just Keeps Getting Better!

VisualTrader 12.5

VisualTrader 12.5 is all about trade flow - enabling you to consistently and efficiently pull profits out of the market.  We added MarketScans 2 the powerful real time market scanner that scans the entire market in real time and in any timeframe.  We also added "Hot Buttons" to allow you to quickly create hot keys to perform trading task, including entry, exits and management.  All with the click of a button!

Learn more about VisualTrader 12.5

VisualTrader 12

VisualTrader 12 Added the Power of Zacks Ranks to the only Trading Software built to visualize industry group rotation, multiple time frame views of the market and the ability to see the relation ship between multiple indicators in a 3-D Display!  In addition we added Dynamic Indicators, Multiple Timeframe Analysis, Improved Fibonacci Tool and powerful chart improvements.

Learn more about VisualTrader 12

VisualTrader 11

VisualTrader 11 included Visual ETF Trader, the best way to trade ETF's and we added the Auto Sim which allows you to test before you trade.  This powerful upgrade also included Adjustable Position Windows, Major Speed Improvements, Configurable Toolbars and Quick Indicators.

Learn more about VisualTrader 11

VisualTrader 10.5

VisualTrader 10.5 introduced "The Secret Sauce" our very first VisualTrader plugin and the powerful Interactive VisualTrader Simulator where you are able  to practice trading historically in any timeframe!  We also added some powerful ease of uses features like Drag and Drop symbols where you can drag charts to your focus list, alerts and watch list, New list columns to give you even more control over the information you are looking for.

Learn more about VisualTrader 10.5

VisualTrader 10

VisualTrader 10 was our Audio-Video version of the software - implementing incredible alerts for almost everything you want to accomplish in VisualTrader.  We also introduced Scan Groups which allowed you to quickly prospect the Entire market for profitable setups every day along with Sector Organization, Dynamic Map Groups, and the ability to change the look and feel of every aspect of VisualTrader.

Learn more about VisualTrader 10

If you already own VisualTrader, be sure and upgrade to the latest version to enjoy all that VT has to offer.