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 Advanced Strategies


How many Trading Strategies can generate profitable Signals year after year, in any market, and on any list? NSP-41 may very well be the first of its kind in the world.  NSP-41 has tested out to be highly profitable on stocks in the S&P, the NASDAQ, and the Russell—in fact it is profitable on all lists we have tried it on back to 2000. It even works on futures and ETFs!

​Method: Swing/Trending

Released: ​2016

NSP-41 made money every year for the past 15 years in simulated trading. It has also shown an uncanny ability to work across multiple indexes, including the Russell 1000, Russell 2000, Russell 3000, S&P 400, S&P 500, and S&P 600 midcap. NSP-41 has tested profitably on ALL of these lists.


The MS-16 Strategy employs a new indicator called Days to Earnings. This powerful indicator helps us avoid trading into a potentially dangerous earnings report.  But the real magic is obtained by using the MS-16 Strategy with the MS-16 Dynamic Scan. This scan pinpoints the stocks that are outperforming the market but have made a significant pullback against the trend.

​Method: Earnings

Released: ​2016


MVX-15 looks at volatility in different ways by using the new MVX Signal Filter. MVX-15 improves RTM strategy performance by ensuring that there is sufficient market movement in order to capture quick profits.

​Method: Reversion

Released: ​2015

MVX-15 v2

MVX-15 looks at volatility in different ways by using the new MVX Signal Filter.  This updated version now uses the all new Expectancy Feature to drastically improve performance in the ALL NEW MVX-15 EXP strategy.

​Method: Reversion

Released: ​2017

T3 Power Suite

This collection of Strategies is focused on high returns AND reduction of risk. The T3 Strategy Suite was designed to generate steady gains and low drawdowns. T3 is a wealth building Strategy. Put it to work today!

​Method: Swing

Released: ​2010


RTX-3 is based on three separate Real Time Strategies that look for trend-following swings in symbols identified by our scan process. The result is a MECHANICALLY PROFITABLE System that can crank out one profitable trade after another.

​Method: Swing

Released: ​2014


RTM7 is a powerful Strategy that is based on the Reversion to Mean concept. Testing it on the S&P 100 list, the Strategy showed solid performance over 12 years, generating an average 23% return with an average drawdown of just 5%.

Those are some impressive numbers— especially over such a long period of time and through some of the toughest markets we have seen. 

​Method: Reversion

Released: ​2012


Swing-13 looks for pullbacks away from the direction of the primary trend. When this occurs, a signal is generated which is looking for short term gains. While its overall performance is good, this strategy is capable of firing a lot of trading signals during certain market conditions.

​Method: Swing

Released: ​2013

Real Time Strategy Suite (RTSS)

We have been refining two approaches to trading the Stock Market in Real Time. The first is a Counter-Trend approach that fires amazingly accurate Signals on pullbacks from over-extended moves. The second is a Range Breakout method that fires its Signals when it detects that a stock is taking off from a “quiet period”.

​Method: Collection

Released: ​2013


VBX-3 is built on our proprietary Volatility Band eXcursion technology, and delivers you EXTREME accuracy, identifying some of the most profitable trading signals we've ever seen.

We designed our Volatility Band Excursion technology to identify the setups that are most likely to result in a high probability reversal. 

​Method: Reversion

Released: ​2013