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Happy Tuesday folks –

After a brief hiatus we are back and better than ever. We have some great setups confirmed by some great signals. We also have new promotion with OmniTrader Xpress where we provide you software and data free of charge. This is the perfect time for you to share trading with your friends and family at with no risk. You can sign up today by clicking here. OmniTrader Xpress Free Download.

On to the trades…

REGN has recently tested a two year support level in the low $340’s. Over the last two months we have seen strength and some additional confirmation first from the Reversal Strategy and then confirmed by the Trending Strategy earlier this month. Overall trend seems to be showing strength. This has some real potential to reach the mid to high 400’s over the next few months.

REGN - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

DLR – Digital Realty Trust

DLR is currently testing a very exciting zone.  As you can see from the chart we have shown weakness over the last quarter and have begun to test some very important Fibonacci levels.  We have seen a little bounce off the 50% but overall weakness will likely prevail as we start o look at mid $90’s as a potential target.

See you all after the market for tomorrows picks.