Monday March 5, 2018 | Nirvana Systems Inc.

Monday March 5, 2018

Happy Monday –

We have some good opportunities to start this week off.  Of course there is quite a bit of turbulence in the markets right now.  The choices for Monday are not likely to be overly effected by current news.


SPG – Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group has been in a substantive bear move since Q3 2016.  We have seen throughout 2017 a very nice consolidation between $150 and $175.  We are currently testing support in the mid $150’s but over the next month we can are likely to see a sharp move back to consolidation highs.  This will be a stock you just might want to keep an eye on as SPG offers a huge potential upside with very little risk of another move pushing lower.


TGT – Target

Target is a very excited opportunity.  We have both a potential long and short.  We have just tested resistance at about $78.50 and began to pull back.  Applying the Fibonacci Retracement you can see we have the 38% level well within reach.  If we begin to show the weakness I am going to target $65 as profit.  However, if we start to show continued strength from the current zone we will be looking at $85 as our long target.