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Is the Santa Claus Rally Real?

Most traders and investors have probably heard of the Santa Claus Rally. This refers to the belief that the market usually posts gains in the trading week following Christmas. Some people extend the Santa Claus Rally to include the full month of December. Yet before we start putting our hard-earned money on long positions based […]

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‘It would be incredible if Jeff Bezos could maybe just hold off for a day’: Small business owners can’t compete with Amazon’s Black Friday deals

When Joey Clark was able to reopen Kin, a boutique women’s clothing store located in Philadelphia, in June after being closed since early March, her customers couldn’t bear to look at dresses she so desperately wanted to sell to free up shelf space.

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U.S. media is far more pessimistic in covering the coronavirus pandemic than anyone else

It was sometime after the end of the first coronavirus wave that Bruce Sacerdote, a professor of economics at Dartmouth College, noticed something puzzling. “We were doing lots of staying at home and social distancing, and you could see the case numbers coming down, and I and my co-authors are watching the TV obsessively, and […]

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From jobs to child care: How this second surge in COVID-19 can damage your finances — as well as your health

Coronavirus infection tallies are climbing relentlessly right now, but case counts aren’t the only measurement going the wrong direction. A growing number of people are finding it tough to afford enough food, pay for typical household goods and stay current on their rent and mortgage compared to five weeks prior, according to running statistics from […]

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