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How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionized Trading


We are in an incredible time in trading history.

Personal computers have become more powerful allowing advanced algorithms to process and analyze massive amounts of data. The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) into trading has exploded – allowing traders and trading companies to create systems and strategies that many only dreamed about just a few years ago.

The availability of new computer technology provided us the ability to scan and analyze chart patterns and conditions in charts that would have been nearly impossible for traders to recognize.

At Nirvana Systems we are making progress in the effort to build trading strategies that employ Artificial Intelligence.  In our 15 year journey towards the UTM (Ultimate Trading Machine) goal, we have made major strides our A.I.  The results we have achieved have surpassed what many people who have devoted their lives to in trading would have thought possible.

Now we have the opportunity to help our club members use these breakthroughs to achieve their goals.

Nirvana is proud to announce an all NEW release of our ARM (Adaptive Reasoning Model) technology to our Nirvana Club members.  ARM5 allows traders to tackle some of the most challenging trading problems they face.

This new ARM5 technology has already been used to create some exciting new strategies showing 85% accuracy with 3% profit per trade with out-of-sample data.  This means we have seen 85% accuracy on blind data, not back test.

Imagine what life would look like if you were trading any market with 85% accuracy…

I am including this 30 minute video to show how we use A.I. to advance our trading strategies. After the video take a few minutes to check out what the Nirvana Club has to offer and how we can help improve your trading success.


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