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Congratulations on a KILLER Strategy

David Olson Nirvana Club Member


We released version 1 of XLS-19 in late 2016.

This Strategy has consistently risen to the top of our Strategy List in OmniView as the #1 Performer since release.

Now we have improved it so it’s nearly TWICE as profitable!

PLUS, you can auto-trade it using OmniTrader’s AutoTrade feature.

...as featured in OmniView

XLS-19 Just Got a Turbo-boost!

Announcing XLS-19 Version 2

TWICE as Profitable!


· Averaging 38% per Year over 10 years!
· 73% Hit Rate & .91% Profit per Trade
· More Optimal Entries and Less Overnight Exposure
Thanks to research performed by our strategy development team, this new version is one of the most powerful Strategies we have ever released
XLS-19 V2 is the first one to show over 30% Annual Returns since 2007.
XLS-19 works great in difficult markets.

We’ve highlighted both 2008 and 2015 in the equity curve above. These were difficult years for the U.S. markets but BANNER YEARS for
XLS-19, Version 2.

Recent Trades from XLS-19 V2

XLS-19 finds the optimal turning points...

Finds Killer Trades in Up-Trends

...again and again!

AND Superb Trades in Down-Trends

Included in the package:

Jeff Drake's

Winning with XLS-19 V2 Seminar

Learn How to...
· Use OmniTrader’s AutoTrade feature to automate this awesome Strategy
· Almost DOUBLE your profits on XLS-19
· Improve any RTM Strategy using techniques applied in XLS-19 V2
And more!

Jeff Drake
Director or Trading Technology
Nirvana Systems Inc.

Put XLS-19 V2 to Work for You!

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