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Hot Swing Trader Live Stock Picks – Weekly Update Oct 26, 2020

Swing Trader Live Hot Stocks From October 19, 2020


Jeff Drake had another great week utilizing Nirvana’s Swing Trader Plus with Connors RSI. Jeff identified and analyzed 4 solid swing trade candidates, all long position trades, with one of those trades taking off for the stratosphere (and still rising) in percentage gains that more than offset the sideways movement in the market.


Swing Trader Live is a live broadcast every Monday at 5:30pm central time where Jeff Drake discusses what’s going on in the markets and identifies several hot stock as good swing trader candidates. Jeff then does a YouTube Live broadcast on Wednesday to follow up on his stock picks and briefly discuss the details.

Watch the October 19, 2020 Swing Trader Live session here - https://youtu.be/44gmsT1GJYE

And the 10/21 update here- https://youtu.be/rP1fhvqNNnc

During the Swing Trader Live broadcast on October 19, 2020 Jeff Drake identified 4 long trade signals...

The market scans did not return any strong short candidates.

$AMZN was a nonstarter last week and never materialized as sufficient swing trades.

$SPY and $JBHT both hit their conservative targets on Friday (10/23). $JBHT entered the trade at $125 on 10/20 and set a conservative Profit Target at $130. $JBHT got close to that target but hasn’t quite moved through it. $JBHT is still in trade with a slight profit as of the time of this writing.

$VOXX was the biggest winner in this series of swing trader stock picks. As of Friday, $VOXX was up 44% from where Jeff entered the trade. With an aggressive price target of $11, $VOXX blew through that value in a single day of trading creating a fantastic swing trading profit in a very short period. As of this writing, $VOXX is sitting at $13/share – still well above the aggressive target Jeff identified in the broadcast. Jeff decided to let this trade run and keep a close eye on the trends to find the optimum exit opportunity. Maximizing profits in trades like $VOXX is exactly what swing trading is all about.

More about Voxx International - https://www.voxxintl.com

VOXX International, a 60-year-old company, is a global manufacturer of electronics for the automotive and consumer segments. You might know some of their brands such as Viper vehicle security systems and Acoustic Research consumer audio systems.

From Voxx…

"We hold market-leading positions across many categories within our Automotive Electronics and Consumer Accessories segments. For years, we have been the #1 provider of rear-seat entertainment systems and believe we are the #1 supplier of vehicle security and remote start systems to domestic OEMs and to the automotive aftermarket. We are the #1 premium loudspeaker company in North America and believe we are the #1 supplier of antennas and TV remote controls at retail (also in North America). Our other brands typically hold top 5 or top 10 market positions within the categories we operate."

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Finding those profitable short-term trades that produce tangible profits makes swing trading a great all-around trading strategy. $VOXX is also a great example of how powerful the OmniTrader platform is for finding great trade signals automatically. Need trade ideas? Nirvana’s Swing Trader Plus with OmniTrader and Connors RSI is your solution.