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Strategy Wizard 3 Upgrade Features

The following important features were implemented in Strategy Wizard 3.0:

Profit Factor Calculation

Profit Factor is a great way to determine how robust a Strategy is. In Strategy Wizard 3.0, Profit Factor is displayed in the ‘Output’ tab  and can be added as a constraint in ‘Fast Search’, making it easier to determine which Strategy runs are the most robust for future trading.

Custom Parameter Ranges

Users often want to be able to specify custom ranges, like 1.5 ATR, 3.0 ATR, 6.0 ATR, and so on. In Strategy Wizard 3.0, you can enter parameters using comma-separated values to achieve any test range you want.

Additional Strategy Block Support (BIG!)

In previous Strategy Wizard versions, we focused on the Systems, Filters, Confirmers, and the Orders Blocks. But we have found that Strategy Wizard users want to vary the parameters of every block, including the Vote Block. Now, nearly all of the Strategy Blocks are supported, including the Vote Block, Fulcrum Block and the new Seasonality Block.


Strategy Wizard 2 Upgrade Features

The following important feature were implemented in Strategy Wizard 2.0:

Introducing Strategy Maker

Wouldn’t it be great to push a button and have the best possible Strategy pop out of OmniTrader? Well, with
Strategy Maker you can actually do it!  Strategy Maker is based on the principle of “Combination of Inputs.”

If we have two, three, or even ten existing Strategies that have shown their ability to perform well in certain
markets and certain conditions, there is a very good chance that components “borrowed” from one Strategy will
enhance another one.

So we simply show Strategy Maker what our target (output) Strategy looks like, and which other existing
Strategies to draw material from. Then we let it run. The program will systematically swap (say) a Filter block
from Strategy “A” and replace the Filter block in Strategy “B”.

As this testing proceeds, the results, including Hit Rate, Profit per Trade, and so on are recorded. At the end
we can sort on any of these Statistics to bring the best Strategy to the top. Hit another button labeled “Create
Strategy” and the Strategy with the tested components will be created and added to our Strategy List.
What could be easier?


In the beginning...


Designed to automate as much of the Strategy design
process as possible, Strategy Wizard can be used to
create new Strategies and improve existing ones.

Let Strategy Wizard Create the Magic

As a student of the market, you may read a concept in a
magazine or hear about one in a seminar that you want
to try, but you are not sure how to put it together.

Using OmniTrader, you can quickly create a Strategy with
a few Trading Systems, a Filter, a Confirmer and an Exit
method. Or, alter one that is already there. Then, let Strategy Wizard work on your creation to find the “magic” in it. If there is a good Strategy inside your idea, Strategy Wizard can find it!

Tune Your Strategies to YOUR List!

Strategies are typically tested on standard lists like the
S&P 100. If you are trading stocks in the Russell 1000,
your Stops will be better if you tune your Strategies to that
list. If you are trading highly volatile stocks for Options plays, you will want your Trading Systems to fire more often, and hence will want your Strategy Filters to be looser.

But you don’t have to figure this out because Strategy Wizard can do it! You can set Strategy Wizard to seek out the best values for EVERYTHING in a Strategy. Even if you adjust 5 or 10 variables in your Strategy, Strategy Wizard can find the best combination in a short amount of time, thanks to the amazing FAST SEARCH algorithm built into its logic. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Our software is backed by our unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you may return the module, within 30 days of purchase, for a 100% refund, less shipping and handling. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.

Important Information: Futures, options and securities trading has risk of loss and may not be suitable for all persons. No Strategy can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. All statistics and results shown in this web-site are simulated. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading.