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Consistent Gains for Over 10 Years!

Expedite Your Financial Freedom with ARM5

Experience trading technology at its best with the All-New
ARM5 RTM-17 Strategy.​

We redefined trading technology and seamlessly combined it with our powerful Genetic Algorithm to produce unparalleled trading performance.

ARM5 RTM-17 has consistently made gains every year since 2005.  The key to this remarkable performance is the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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Unimaginably Powerful.  Unthinkably Easy.

Specialized incremental training, along with advanced filters are producing
results unattainable by Mechanical Strategies just a few years ago.

A New Level of Profitability.

We dramatically improved our Genetic Algorithm and advances made it possible to build this outstanding new Strategy.

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage.

Nirvana Systems has established itself as an industry leader in the application of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to the financial markets.  We have developed three unique A.I. components; the Genetic Algorithm, the Neural Network and the Consensus Block that each provide a major advantage.

​These components  train themselves based on historical market data, and they continue to learn as the current market unfolds.

​Never before has this level of trading technology been available to the individual investor and trader.  And now you can put this technology to work for you with ARM5 RTM-17.

Get Better Trades, in Less Time.

Quickly engage any market like you never thought possible.
ARM5 RTM-17's power provides the accuracy and performance you NEED to succeed in this market.

We've added significant advancements to ARM5 RTM-17 including our proprietary Incremental Training. This type of training uses the most recent data in order to train our A.I to deliver trades in the current market.

This insures that we are getting trades based on what is profitable right now; and, you can see the performance speaks for itself!

Astonishingly Accurate.  Remarkably Resilient.

Be prepared to trade with a level of accuracy never thought possible. The amazing performance found in our newly
refined Genetic Algorithm Technology takes ARM5 RTM-17 to a new level of profitability.

ARM5 RTM-17 Excels in Any Market.

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage.

ARM5 RTM-17 has made gains every year in since 2005 in simulated trading (see right). The key to this remarkable performance is the strategy’s use of Artificial Intelligence. This advanced technology allows the strategy to prosper regardless of market conditions.

The equity curve to the right reflects simulated performance on the stocks in the S&P 100 and NASDAQ 100 Indexes. But remember, ARM5 RTM-17 works on any stock list in any market.

All statistics generated by applying 10% of equity to each trade generated.

RTM-17 Performance Report


We take the business of building Trading Strategies very seriously, and we believe in what we sell. That’s why we offer our unprecedented 90-Day Unconditional Guarantee. But we also want to protect those who use the Strategy from the pitfalls of overtrading. That’s why we have a limited number of copies available. Once we’ve sold the 300th copy of ARM5 RTM-17, it will be taken off the market.

The Best Trading Decision You'll Make in 2017!
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