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Compatible Platform: OmniTrader / VisualTrader

Recommended Data: Real Time

RTX-3 is based on three separate Real Time Strategies that look for trend-following swings in symbols identified by our scan process. The result is a MECHANICALLY PROFITABLE System that can crank out one profitable trade after another.

If you’ve been trading the markets in Real Time, you’re going to LOVE the additional firepower our RTX-3 package provides. Running Great Strategies on highly qualified lists means more profits!

With Real Time trading, you can use extremely high leverage, typically 4-to-1. And, all these Strategies get out by the Close of the market, so there’s no overnight exposure!

 The RTX-3 package is your personal Path to Real Time Trading Success

Now is the time to take the next step in your trading, and I firmly believe that the RTX-3 package is your personal Path to Real Time Trading Success.

We are going to give you everything you need – the Symbols, the Strategies, and the DAILY training. All you have to do is show up and engage the market with us.

In this mailer, we are showing some of the trades from our Trading Lab. We’d love to have you share the success with us. Get RTX-3 and resolve to have your most profitable year ever!

RTX-3 is starting the new year off with a bang. On January 6th, RTX-3 landed two back-to-back Long Trades on Verizon netting more than 1% in under three hours

 The Science Behind RTX-3 

RTX-3 represents a significant breakthrough in Real Time Strategy development. Our Developers took a fresh look at each step of the design process. We use various techniques to find the best setups for the hottest real time stocks, including higher timeframe confirmation.

The RTX-3 Strategies are designed to run in the 3 minute timeframe. While the strategies analyze the trend in the 3 minute chart, they also looks at the 15 minute chart in order to determine the longer term trend.

With multiple timeframe confirmation established, the systems used in all three of the RTX-3 Strategies are designed to fire in the direction of the predominant trend.

 The RTX-3 Trading Strategies 

RTX-3 includes three different Trading Strategies. While each strategy uses the same filtering techniques and Trade Plan (see next page), the signal generation for each strategy is different. 

RTX-3A looks for pullbacks against the major trend. RTX-3B is a pure momentum play as it looks for short term strength, and RTX-3C uses OmniTrader’s classic voting process to find prime trend trading opportunities.

While each of these strategies can stand on their own merit, they are actually meant to be used in concert with each other in order to provide you with plenty of high quality intraday trades.


Profitable Trade Management

Each RTX-3 Trading Strategy uses the RTX-3 Trade Plan. This trade plan is designed to allow you to engage the market when a good setup exists, but also to limit your risk if the trade loses its momentum.

A Break Even Stop is used in order to keep our losses to a minimum. If a trade makes an initial move in our favor but fails to run, the Break Even Stop will take a small gain or loss. This allows us to continually trade good setups without fear of the trade turning too far against us.

Once we get a trade that runs in our favor, a Trailing Profit Stop is activated in order to catch as much profit as possible from the trade.

The example to the left shows the RTX-3 Trade Plan in action as it is applied to the same Facebook trade we featured on the previous page.