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NOW... Turbo-Charge Your OmniTrader

for Consistent Profits in ANY Market!

With OmniTrader 2017, you'll know What to Trade, When to Trade and How to Trade.

We now have PROOF that using the best recent performers dramatically increases the probability of success.  
And Hot Strategy Finder delivers.​

Once you know which Strategies to trade, the obvious next step is to "turn them on" and trade them!

The new AutoTrade is a very EASY TO USE automation utility that enables users to use HSF to find the best Strategies and then trade them - AUTOMATICALLY.​

A significant component of the OmniTrader 2017 Upgrade Package is the new Connors RSI Strategy Suite.  The new CRT-3 Strategy is showing an average annual profit of 25% since 1996!

With new Indicator Tabs,  System Columns in the Focus List, and OmniView, we've turbo-charged OmniTrader with the best possible information for success.​

This OmniTrader pulls it all together - Strategies we have created or those you have built with an easy way to trade them and improved charts.  I can't think of a better way to profit in 2017.

-Ed Downs​

Know Precisely...

What to Trade, When to Trade & How to Trade!


An Easy-to-Use Automation Tool.

Nirvana was founded in 1987 on the concept of "Automation for Traders", and our goal has always been to automate as much of the trading process as possible, so users can be FREE on a daily basis.

In 2005, we released OmniPilot for OmniTrader Professional.  pilot is an automation programming environment, and as such can be a powerful tool in the right hands.

We realized our customers would like to automate our best strategies using a very simple interface.

AutoTrade is it!

Just Tell AutoTrade...

- When to Run
- How to Allocate $ to Trades
- Click "AutoTrade" & Leave OT Running

Automatically Run
OmniTrader Every Day.

AutoTrade will wait "in the background" until the time you specify comes up.  Then, it will run the Profile and trade the Signals in the manner you specified.  With this feature, you can set it once and then use your OmniTrader each day for any other purpose.

Optionally run HSF, so you always trade the Best Strategies.  We upgraded Hot Strategy Finder so it can be "driven" by AutoTrade.  Used this way, HSF will run BEFORE AutoTrade runs the Selected Strategies to generate Signals and Trades.

Paper Account

Test before
you trade!​

Broker Account

Watch it in Action

AutoTrade provides a way for our users to let OmniTrader run on a Paper Account, so you can See test results before running it on your actual account.  Some of us just need a good way to get started, and AutoTrade provides it!

Know Precisely...

What to Trade, When to Trade & How to Trade!

Hot Strategy Finder

Find the Best Strategies - for THIS Market - Automatically!

RECENT Strategy Performance

Wouldn't it be great if OmniTrader could test ALL the strategies you are interested in, and rank them according to performance an consistency?

This powerful tool was first prototyped by Nirvana Club Member Alan Faris.  After seeing Alan's work, Club Members energetically encouraged us to add the concept to OmniTrader.​

How It Works

Just activate the Strategies you want tested.Hot Strategy Finder will then generateperformance statistics for each one. It also generates a series of “time slices” that show how consistently each Strategy has worked over time.

Using this information, Hot Strategy Finder automatically brings the best Strategies to the top of the list. Just tell HSF to activate the best performers and you’re ready to trade the best Strategies that are working in the current market!

Using AutoTrade in OmniTrader 2017,we can have the Strategies identified by HSF automatically activated

Hot Strategy Finder can test all your Strategies, segmenting the analysis and color-coding the results. This helps you understand how consistently your Strategies have performed over time. The Strategy list is automatically sorted to bring the best performers to the top, which can then be activated to generate today’s Signals. Version 2 uses new metrics for improved Strategy ranking.

Forward Test Results for Strategies with Back Test scores Above 70%

Forward Test Results for Strategies with Back Test scores BELOW 50%

This plot shows a 10-month “Walk Forward” Test in which we used HSF to identify the best Strategies to trade based on Hit Rate, and then measured how well those Strategies worked in the next month. In EVERY SINGLE MONTH,selecting Strategies with good historical performance resulted in better trading results in the future month. Alan was right. There IS Gold in the HSF Concept.


Information all OmniTrader Owners can Use...

Only Available in OmniTrader 2017

OmniView is a New Window accessible from OmniTrader 2017 that contains timely information relevant to OmniTrader users.

Market Overview - Shows price changes for the current session for primary markets.

Daily Trading Signal - Our trading staff writes about key Signals from OmniTrader and publishes them in the Daily Trading Signal blog.  The write-ups are conveniently available in OmniView so users can quickly review the most recent recommendations in their software.

Nirvana Blog - Our education department updates the Nirvana Blog with timely articles on trading techniques and approaches for the current market using OmniTrader.

Top Strategies - We run ALL Nirvana Strategies on our servers every day to determine which ones are working in the current market.

News -  Recent releases and notices are posted here, including announcements for upcoming Webinars.

OmniTrader 2017 

Great Features Users Asked For...

Systems in the Focus List & Tabbed Indicator Panes

In OmniTrader 2017, you can add System Signals to the Focus List for added trade confirmation. You also can use indicator tabs, maximizing chart space and making organizing your indicators easier than ever before. The upgrade also includes the “Hollow Candle” template used by many traders.

Email Notifications

Improved Defaults

We have revised "defaults" to values that most users want to use, such as the behavior of the mouse wheel zoom, which can be set to display Higher Timeframes (shown to the right)

Convenience Features

- OmniTrader Configuration Reset - Restore toolbars and Focus List position back to the "factory" defaults.
- Retain Date Range - When new symbols are plotted in the same chart, the chart will keep the current date range.
- Easy Chart Scale Reset - When zoomed or scaled a single click now restores chart to normal scale.

Know Precisely...

What to Trade, When to Trade & How to Trade!