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OmniTrader 5 Features

Why is OptionTrader so powerful? Automation.

  • Automatically finds the best Option Strategy
  • Automatically finds the best trade within that Strategy
  • Automatically shows projected P&L Curves
  • Automatically manages the trades

OptionTrader at a Glance

- OptionFinder

Before OptionFinder you were left with questions like:

- I want the advantage of the options market but don't know where to start?

- How do you know which options method to use?

- Which options are expensive or cheap?

- Where to place your stops?

OptionFinder allowed you to instantly know which options to trade - in any situation.

- Volatility Slider

The primary factor that affects pricing is VOLATILITY. Our unique Volatility Plot shows historical and implied volatility, with a SLIDER. If Volatility is temporarily increased, just pull the slider down so OptionFinder can find Strategies with that assumption. Easy.

- OptionGrid

From the Option Grid, you can trade options directly from the chain.  This allows you to quickly build and adjust options positions on the fly.

- And of course... 
Classic Expiration Curves

We show classic curves, showing option strategy values at multiple points in time in the future. This same information is available in the chart for all bars of data.

- Improved Option Chain

We have improved the Option Chain interface and added weekly options in to the mix.  This makes it easier to quickly analyze all available options.

- Portfolio Simulator

Portfolio Simulator is the only product in the world that can simulate options trading on a list of symbols.  The results of these simulations can be amazing, as shown in the examples to the right.

Portfolio simulations on options trading are very important for many reasons.  Options are dynamic assets - their values fluctuate continuously over time.  And combined to create spreads, variations in price can be dramatic.  As a result, gains and losses can vary a great deal from trade to trade.

Using our accurate historical options pricing models, the Options Portfolio Simulator will give the trader a very good idea of how his or her Strategy would have performed in live trading on a portfolio of optionable stocks.

Advanced Features

- OptionStrategies

Option Strategies Maximize Returns for Swing and Extended Trades

OptionTrader includes FOUR mechanical options trading strategies. The strategies identify points where directional options trading yields a significant advantage.

Swing Trade with Options

The first two Strategies incorporate options writing approaches to capitalize on the quick moves associated with Swing Trading.

  • Swing Trading (Credit Spread)
  • Swing Trading (Naked Puts)​

When you put these two advantages together, you end up with an extremely powerful directional options writing strategy that produces major results.

Equity Curve showing the performance of the Swing Trading(Naked Puts) Strategy trading options on the symbols in the S&P100 over the past two years. The Strategy returns 51% over this time period with a maximum draw down of only 7.3%.

* For a limited time, OmniTrader is included with OptionTrader.
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The Extended Moves (Debit Spread) Strategy captures a big gain on AIG. The stock itself moved up 6.6%, but the debit spread picked up 146% in just three weeks.

- Trade the Extended Move

The second two options strategies find slightly longer term trading opportunities, and buy options to increase leverage while limiting risk.

  • Extended Moves (Long Option)
  • Extended Moves (Debit Spread)

The Strategies purchase options when they are relatively cheap, and the stock is likely to make an extended move. This allows these strategies to produce huge percentage gains, like you see in the chart of AIG (left).

- OptionTrade Plans

OptionTrader comes with a Trade Plan for each Strategy. The Trade Plans can be used as-is (Expiration Exits) or can be modified with things like Trailing Profit Stops, and so on.

We provide 15 pre-defined Option Trade Plans, including Debit Spreads, Credit Spreads, Calendars,Condors, Butterflies and 10 more.  Simply add an existing Option TradePlan to any OmniTrader Strategy and Back Test it on your data.

- Visual Volatility Tool

Our Visual Volatility Tool lets you see which options in the chain are relatively cheap and which ones are too expensive. You can use this information to ensure you are always buying the ones that are cheap and selling options that are overpriced.

The Visualizer also has an animated playback feature that allows you to see how the volatility surface changes from day to day, and helps you avoid the costly surprises that can come from an abrupt change in volatility.

This feature brings the rocket science of options analysis into a simple, easy to understand plot, and takes the guesswork out of monitoring options volatility.

- Visual Volatility Graphs

Option Pricing is based on several factors, including Volatility, Strike Price, and Time to Expiration. The most important of these is Implied Volatility. The 3D Volatility Plot in OptionTrader instantly shows which options are over and under-priced, making it easier to decide which options to trade.

- Option Indicators

OptionTrader comes with a variety of Option Indicators, including Volatility. Plot these indicators below a chart to assist in the decision process.

  • Implied Volatility​
  • Historical Volatility
  • Open Interest
  • Put-Call Ratio
  • Put and Call Volumes
  • Theoretical Option Value
  • Actual Option Value

- Combine Spreads into a Single Order & Set Limits on Spreads

Now, you can combine Spread Orders or ANY number of Legs into a single Order and set a LIMIT on the Spread for the Broker.

- Combine Spreads for Trade Plan Automation

In Trade Plans, you can specify that Spreads will be combined into a Single Order and programmatically specify where you want the LIMIT based on the Bid-Ask Spread, whatever it is.

Here, we established that the LIMIT should be 80% of the way between the Bid-Ask Spread.

- Weekly Options Enabled in Option Search

You can also specify that Weekly Options can be selected in the Options Search.  This will be used in Option Finder to identify the Best trades using Weekly Options.

- Search Filters: Bid-Ask Spread Maximum as a Percentage

When a Trade Plan runs, you don't know ahead of time what the Bid-Ask Spread will be.

Sometimes it's 2 cents, sometimes it's 20 cents or even $2.  Adding Maximum as a Percentage will work for virtually any trade.

Here we set the Maximum Spread at 2% so for a $1.00 Option the Maximum is 2 cents.​

- Trade Equalizer (TM) Automation

The Trade Equalizer is a separate automation module that is able to automatically trade Strategies using Trade Plans available in VisualTrader.**

As part of the development of OptionTrader 4, we tested and improved the software with the Trade Equalizer for 100% automated options trading.  OptionTrader 4 automation also works with OmniPilot in OmniTrader.

** For more information on that Trade Equalizer, contact Nirvana Sales at 1-800-0338

Add ANY Options Method
to ANY OmniTrader Strategy!

Nearly all options “gurus” tout the same benefits of trading options, such as “Enjoy limited risk with unlimited gain potential,” “Generate income by selling Covered Calls,” and so on. But, none of them can answer the key question, “How much better would a trader do if they traded options?”  

It is always the same generic answers. The reason for this —they don’t have a way to measure results.  

This is one of the most significant aspects of OptionTrader. An options modeling engine based on key daily statistics going back to 2004 was built. This modeling enables OptionTrader to accurately model options prices on historical data on individual stocks.

Just set the Trade Plan in any OmniTrader Strategy to one of the included Options Trade Plans. There are Trade Plans for every popular method including: Long Options, Covered Calls, Debit Spreads, Credit Spreads and more!

Using these Trade Plans, OptionTrader will accurately model the selected method on the OmniTrader Signals that are generated, producing all the statistics that OmniTrader supports, such as Back Test Hit Rate, Profit per Trade,
and so on.

There is no other product available that can automatically test options methods on historical stock market data. And, it’s FAST— Options Strategies can be tested at about the same speed as non-Options Strategies.