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OmniTrader 2019 Videos

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To Make Money in 2019


OmniTrader 2019 includes a ground-breaking feature called Global Optimization, and it continues to impress as we use it to improve Trading Strategies. Even in this difficult market, Global Optimization shows that many strategies can be tuned for success

Watch our special recorded presentation, OmniTrader 2019: Tuned for Success. In this webinar, Jeff Drake will show you how Global Optimization is able to adjust to the ever-changing markets, and how it can easily improve almost ANY Trading Strategy.

The OmniTrader 2019 Upgrade Package was designed with one specific goal – to provide features that will help our users profit in THIS market! In this brief presentation, Jeff Drake shows you how OmniTrader 2019 is able to adjust to current market conditions as well as showing which trades have the highest profit potential.

The presentation will also show you our newest plug-in for OmniTrader, The Vortex. We took this incredibly versatile indicator and created a complete trading solution. Be sure and stay tuned to see how The Vortex was able to show stellar performance recently, even in this difficult market!

The Vortex is one of the most versatile indicators available, and Nirvana Systems has taken this indicator and created a complete trading package.  During Unleashing the Vortex, as Jeff Drake introduces you to this powerful indicator. In this webinar, you will learn:

 - How the Vortex Shows Trend Direction AND Trend Strength
 - The Profit Power of the Vortex Cross
 - How to Swing Trade with the Vortex Spread
 - How to Improve Any Strategy with the Vortex
 - The Impressive Performance of the Vortex Trading Strategies

…and much more. Watch Unleashing the Vortex, and discover how The Vortex can help you profit in this market.

OmniTrader’s biggest strength has always been its ability to rapidly analyze a list of symbols and generate great Signals. For OmniTrader 2019, we added a powerful new Optimization feature that creates amazingly profitable trades on the right edge.

In this webinar, I’ll personally show you why I’m so excited about it, as well as other features in the upgrade package.