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Since release, we have been applying OmniTrader 2019 to the current market, which turned extremely volatile in October.

It produced amazing Short Opportunities Apple at both the start of October AND December, and shorted Amazon with pin-point accuracy in October, November, and December.

But it can also tune the Strategies to detect great buying opportunities in this kind of market.

Optimal Short Signals on Apple (AAPL)

How does it work?

Global Optimization – a new feature in OmniTrader 2019 determine which parameters to use in Strategies to “tune” them to the current market.

It has worked great in the recent volatile markets, but the new OmniTrader 2019 is designed to perform in any market. Just run analysis – it’s 100% automatic!

Great Swing Trades on Blackrock

More Great Trades on Honeywell

More Great Shorts on Amazon (AMZN)

How does it work?

Because OmniTrader is able to “tune” Strategies to the current market, it is able to dramatically improve their performance.

Below is a table comparing performance of Strategies without Global Optimization to those that were improved by the feature. The Strategies were tuned prior to October 1, 2018 and and then applied to stocks in the S&P 100 from October 1, 2018 to Nov. 30, 2018.

October Performance says it all!

After tuning the Strategies, Profit per Trade improved 30% on CPS3 Volume and 400% on the CPS3 Head and Shoulders Strategy, going from .60% Profit per Trade to 2.60%. In this time period, the original CRSI Strategy lost .15%, but when tuned to the current market, made 0.47%. And the performance of iZones DT increased from 0.15% to 0.92% - a 600% improvement

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