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About OmniTrader 2019

Everything You Need
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Our Most Profitable OmniTrader Ever!

Greetings! I can’t tell you how excited I am about OmniTrader for 2019. This upgrade is all about INCREASED PROFITS through dramatic improvements in the Strategy engine.

 OmniTrader was originally built around the Personality of Markets Theory, which

says that different Strategies work best at different times in different markets. The only way to determine this is through Strategy Analysis, and that’s where OmniTrader has a big advantage over the competition.

OmniTrader runs its Strategy Analysis thousands of times faster than other trading software, producing valuable statistics like Profit per Trade and Hit Rate over the historical test period.

These statistics give us a good idea of how well a Strategy has worked in the past. From this information, OmniTrader can tell us which Signals are most likely to make a profit, which is where the Advisor Rating comes into play.

"OmniTrader can tell us which Signals are most likely to make a profit."

A New Advisor Rating

The Advisor Rating was originally added to OmniTrader to provide a “rating” based on the profitability of the Systems used in a Strategy. As we reviewed the program for this year’s upgrade, we found a way to consider Strategy performance in the Back Test to arrive at a much more accurate rating.

The new Advisor Rating automatically ranks every Strategy you activate based on recent performance. Using the ADV column, you can quickly sort the Focus List to bring the best Signals to the top, produced by Strategies that have been performing the best on each Symbol in the current market.

Tune Your Strategies to the Current Market!

The Advisor Rating improves trading profits by ranking the Trading Signals according to recent performance of the Strategies. Is there a way to improve the Strategies themselves? Yes – we can tune them to the personality of the current market using “Global Optimization.”

OmniTrader has always optimized Trading Systems one symbol at a time. This works fine on very long Back Tests (that have enough trades), but it would be better to select parameter values that are working in the current market.

Global Optimization achieves this by analyzing ALL the Symbols in the test period, which means we can have Back Tests as short as 1-2 months. OmniTrader analyzes each Trading System over the whole list, so the Systems are constantly “tuned” to the current market. As shown later, this can result in dramatically improved profits!

The Vortex Plug-in

In the upgrade package, you get the new Vortex Plug-in, which includes the Vortex Indicator – a unique approach to identifying changes in trend by measuring changes in volatility.

The package includes two new Strategies that take advantage of the Vortex, providing excellent trend trading opportunities – even in this market! The Vortex Indicator can also be used to improve other Strategies, as Jeff Drake explains in his Trade the Vortex Seminar.

Improved Profits - Guaranteed!

I am sure you’re going to see higher profits trading with OmniTrader 2019. And, the Vortex Indicator and Strategies will show you important trading opportunities you won’t see with other indicators. As always, the upgrade is 100% guaranteed. I know you’re going to love it!

Ed Downs

OmniTrader Gets a

OmniTrader Gets a
New Advisor Rating

New Advisor Rating

The Personality of Markets Theory,

on which OmniTrader is based, says that individual Strategies work best in specific kinds of markets, and on specific symbols.

We can use statistics like Back Test Hit Rate to get a good idea of how well a Strategy has worked on a given Symbol over time. There is another metric we added to OmniTrader to help us rank the Signals, called the Advisor Rating. 

The original Advisor Rating used Trading System performance to rank the Signals. We recently discovered a better approach is to examine the Strategies’ performance to arrive at a rating that shows the strength of each Signal.

Using this research, we created a new Advisor Rating ** based on the profitability and consistency of the prior trades on a given Strategy. This approach is generating a better metric on which to evaluate each Signal.

The Advisor Rating shows which Signals are likely to perform by generating a rating from 0 to 100 that you can see in the List and Charts. 

The example above shows that the highest rated Signal has had stellar performance on prior trades, and is a Signal we want to consider trading...

** The original Advisor Rating is still available in the software for those who want to compare it.

Use this Feature in OmniTrader 2019

Use this Feature in OmniTrader 2019

Tune Your Strategies to the
Personality of the Current Market

In prior versions of OmniTrader, we could adjust Trading Systems by testing parameter combinations to find the ones that work the best on each individual stock.

We must use years of historical data so we have enough trades to avoid a “curve fit” to the data. This means testing across many different kinds of markets, which provides an answer that can be a bit too general.

When Tuning Strategies,


Using Global Optimization, we can specify a shorter test period to more effectively capture the personality of the current market.

It would be much better if we could tune the System
parameters to the most recent data. Now we can,
with Global Optimization.

Let’s say we have 100 Symbols in our list and want
to find the best Period to use for the RSI-C System.
If we test over the most recent 6 months, that’s 600
months of data across all symbols, or 50 years of
market data compressed into a short window!

OmniTrader will examine the results and select an
RSI Period value that works best on the entire list
in the shortened timeframe, effectively tuning the
Strategy to the most recent data.

Improved Performance

Applying Global Optimization can result in much higher Strategy performance. Plus, OmniTrader is so fast, you can use this technique to improve ALL your Strategies.

We are seeing 50% and higher improvement in Forward Test profitability – which of course, is where the trading takes place.

After optimizing all the Symbols for “Periods”, the program found that 20 was generally the best value. Therefore 20 will be used for this parameter in the Forward Test (i.e., for trading).

... for a HUGE Improvement in Accuracy & Profits!

... for a HUGE Improvement in Accuracy & Profits!

Easily the Most Powerful
Strategy Feature We Have
Ever Released.

In this monthly WALK-FORWARD test, we took a Strategy that had mediocre performance from June through September 2018 and turned it into a BIG WINNER using Global Optimization.

The numbers speak for themselves! Hit Rate went from 50-70% to more than 80% in the Forward Test, with ENORMOUS average Profit per Trade each month!

We are seeing similar improvements in other Strategies. The great thing about Global Optimization is how easy it is to apply to existing Strategies.

Upgrade Your Strategies

In the included short video, “Boost Your Strategy Performance with Global Optimization” you’ll learn how to target 1-2 parameters in any Strategy, set your Profile to perform Global Optimization, and let it go!

This feature is a huge bonus in the OmniTrader 2019 upgrade, dramatically improving results from Strategy optimization. I know you’re going to apply it to your trading in 2019!