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LETTER FROM THE CEO I’ve made $1,312 in the past two days! Dave M. Nirvana Trader since 2013 I’m enjoying the courses…and made $1,312 in the past two days using what I’ve learned 😉 28.59% YTD in 2020 Tapan M. Nirvana Trader since 2007 I am up 28.59% YTD in 2020 I’m up 10.87% a year in 2019/2020 with Nirvana! Cal H. Nirvana Trader since 1990 I’m up 10.87% a year in 2019/2020 with Nirvana! Many benefits will be realized by all. Nick L. Nirvana Trader since 1990 Thank you for Nirvana Education. Many benefits will be realized by all. I’m up $500 in 2 days! Steve M. Nirvana Trader since 2006 I’m taking the OTU Swing Trader Course and trading with real money. I’m up $500 in 2 days! Greetings!My name is Ed Downs, I founded of Nirvana Systems over 30 years ago. A software engineer by training, I fell in love with the potential profits offered by the markets and began looking for good tools to engage them. Back in those days, there was only one software program available for trading, by the name of CompuTrac. I paid the $3,000 purchase price and started trading. Nirvana’s Focus on Automation – And Why it Matters! I quickly realized that my own emotions were getting in the way of my success. It was also difficult to find good candidates. Since I was an engineer, I started thinking “Why not automate this process?” I got so excited about the idea, I formed Nirvana Systems and began working on how to automate my trading. We tried many approaches, and in 1992 invented OmniTrader, based on what we learned from using other software.By the way, when I say “automation” I don’t mean “automated trading” – though OmniTrader can do that. I mean automating processes to find the best candidates, and then manage the trades. OmniTrader can automatically find a great list for trading every day, fire Trading Signals in the charts when the highly-probable trades present themselves, and automatically manage them to the exit.  Your job? To pull the trigger on the best opportunities. In 1996 we started The Nirvana Club to focus on developing Trading Signals based on Artificial Intelligence. In the years to follow, we continually improved the technology as new members joined The Club. Today, our A.I. is second to none in the industry. You don’t necessarily need A.I. to be successful – but it certainly helps with accuracy and our Members love it.The Path to Trading Success Along the way, we coined the term, “Path to Trading Success” to describe the journey our customers have taken with us. Not only did we continue to innovate to get better and better automated tools, we helped our customers use them, and facilitated communication between them. We want the members of our “family” to succeed, and we have collected a number of testimonials that attest to their success.Can We Help You Succeed? Since 1990, we have built many unique and powerful trading applications. While all of them are great, different users find they like the approaches taken by certain favorite apps over others.  Some really enjoy our second trading platform, VisualTrader, because it provides a unique view of the market. For others, “Swing Trading” with OmniTrader is the way to go. But if you want the best of everything, with customized education on how to use our software, I suggest you look at our All Access Pass. With The Pass, you get unfettered access to all our platforms – valued at over $50,000 if purchased individually.  AND, you get a personal Success Coach AND Market Data – all included in your All Access Pass Membership.Thanks for visiting Nirvana Systems.   Let us help you get started on YOUR Path to Trading Success.Sincerely,Ed DownsCEO, Nirvana Systems, Inc.

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OptionTrader Plus Live DemoThursday February 11, 20214pm CSTJoin us LIVE as Ed Downs demonstrates the simplicity and the power of OptionTrader Plus on the current market. Receive An Exclusive Discount Code In Your Inbox Worth $500 Off OptionTrader Plus!

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Angela D.20 Year Nirvana Team Member & Nirvana Success CoachQuestions? I Can Help!Book a call with our Success team and we will help you find the answers you need.No sales pitch. Just answers! book Now

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OTP Incredible

It’s incredible what optionTrader 6 can do… OptionTrader 6 has a few simple controls that enable you to limit your option selection to ONLY those you would actually trade. Avoid getting “killed” on the Bid-Ask spread. Avoid trading options with too little volume. Or options that cost a few cents. You ONLY see the options that you would actually trade. Order Entry SimplifiedReady to buy? Set a LIMIT price so the market makers on the option floor won’t take advantage of you.For example. If the option is BID: 1.50 and ASK: 1.60 you could set your LIMIT at 1.55.And, you can automatically trade a set dollar amount, number of contracts, or percent of your account. It’s all automated with the Trade Calculator.

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welcome to the new easy mode!The Easy Mode, exclusively in OptionTrader 6, makes it very easy to find the best Calls & Puts, on any chart, for the highest gains with the least risk.a real-world example of how it works:Fedex (FDX) has been on a tear, more than doubling over 6 months. Let’s say you believe it’s going to go up a modest amount more by the middle of November, and you want to buy a Call.To be successful you have to figure out… Which Call option should I buy?How much will I have to invest?If I set a Stop Loss, how much can I lose?What is my Risk:Reward ratio?the option chain for fDX looks like this:OptionTrader 6 Makes it super easy to find the right calls & puts to trade,on any chart, for the highest gains with the lowest risk.

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Option trader Plus includes… $495 Buy now Retail Value $995 Option Trader Plus is a powerful solution for trading options that makes finding and trading the most profitable options on the right stocks incredibly fast and very easy! Watch the Option Trader 6 demo to see just how easy it is to find the most profitable options in one click!Option Trader Plus Includes…FREE – OmniTrader – The best trading platform on the market – Learn MoreFREE – 30 Days of market and options data – Learn MoreThe Incredible OptionTrader 6 Plugin for OmniTrader – Learn MoreGreat trade candidates from the Breakout Strategies – Learn MoreWord class service from our veteran Nirvana Success Team – Learn MoreExtensive training and support30-Day Money Back Guaranteetrade profitable options Easilywith Option Trader Plus  

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Thank you for your interest inThe 3 Secrets to Making Money Trading OptionsDownload your Free PDF here! Get your PDF Thank you for your interest in our Free Options Trading Secrets. We hope you find this information helpful to your Options trading!Ed DownsCEO Nirvana SystemsHere at Nirvana Systems we build technology that brings powerful automation and market intelligence to your trading. Whether you’re a bonafide Day Trader or just trying to put a little more value in your trading account, Nirvana Systems is here to help you find your path to trading success! Learn More About OptionTrader Plus Watch the Demo and see what Nirvana’s OptionTrader plugin for OmniTrader can do for your Options trading.

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Harnessing the Power of Relative StrengthThe RocketTrade Method is based on Nirvana’s Relative Strength Plug-In and is composed of 4 parts:1. Indicators      2. Scans      3. Strategy      4. RocketTrade EducationWhile it is not necessary for traders to fully understand each part, it’s important to show how they combine to make the RocketTradeMethod so unique and valuable. Here is a summary of the four components, which are described in more detail in the following few sections.1. IndicatorsThe classic ways of calculating Relative Strength only show instantaneous values and do not show when a stock is underAccumulation. These NEW Relative Strength Indicators are used in both the OmniScans and the Strategy. They also visually show the degree to which Accumulated Relative Strength has built up in a chart.2. OmniScansUsing the Relative Strength Indicators, the provided OmniScans can identify those stocks that have the highest Relative Strength, and are in a Launch pattern. If you review the trades that have been identified, the power of these scans is obvious.3. Strategy (Signals)The Strategy’s job is to find optimal entry points once a stock has been identified as being under accumulation by market participants. The Signals from the Strategy save time when reviewing candidates and provide the best possible entry points.4. RocketTrade EducationWhile the components of Relative Strength are powerful, there are specific chart clues that enhance results while trading. In Ed’s 3-Part Educational Series, “The RocketTrade Method”, he demonstrates the precise steps he took to grow an account more than 50% in a short period of time while managing risk, in just 10-15 Minutes a day. See here for an overview of this valuable content.

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