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Get Extreme Accuracy with VBX-3VBX-3 is built on our proprietary Volatility Band eXcursion technology, and delivers you EXTREME accuracy, identifying some of the most profitable trading signals we’ve ever seen. We designed our Volatility Band Excursion technology to identify the setups that are most likely to result in a high probability reversal. By pinpointing stocks that are making prolonged excursions around the volatility zones that trigger sharp snapbacks, this technology consistently finds the most profitable trading opportunities.The Power of Three1. X-Treme AccuracyVBX-3 uses Volatility Band Excursion technology to identify the sharpest reversal trades we’ve ever seen. These signals pinpoint the turning point in the chart, accurately finding the most profitable opportunities.2. Consistent ProfitsWith VBX-3, you get consistent profitability, year after year, with low drawdowns. In our test period from the year 2000, VBX-3 has shown outstanding profitability at all levels of allocation. So regardless of risk tolerance, VBX-3’s premier trading signals allow you to steadily grow your account.3. Easy to TradeVBX-3 is a fully mechanical trading strategy, telling you exactly when to enter and exit each of the trades. The strategy is run each day after market hours, and new trades are generated for the next day. All orders are simple market on open, making it easy to manage these great trading signals.  It’s the Easiest trading system to follow: OmniTrader identifies new trades.Enter the trades with your broker.OmniTrader will tell you exactly when to exit your positions.VBX-3 is Fully Mechanical, No Guesswork!!

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Forex Trader Content

Join the Ranks of Successful FOREX TradersThe Forex market is the largest financial market in the world and offers traders many unique advantages.  ForexTrader gives you the tools and training you need to profit in the Forex market.  You will receive everything from the basics of Forex to a step by step approach to trading Forex. You’ll learn: When the best time is to trade the Forex marketHow to determine the best pairs to tradeWhat entry technique offers the best chance of successHow to analyze different timeframes instantly…and much more!When the best time is to trade the Forex MarketHow to determine the best pairs to tradeWhat entry technique offers the best chance of successHow to analyze different timeframes instantly… and so much more!Example of a Great FX Breakout Signal – USDCAS THREE Comprehensive SeminarsYour Guide to FOREX Success! Introduction to ForexSeminar 1 explains the basics of the Forex Market, and the many advantages that Forex has to offer. You will learn:The Many Benefits of Trading ForexHow to Understand Forex QuotesThe Best FX Pairs to TradeThe Importance of PipsThe Best Time to Trade ForexHow News Effects Forex Trading Forex in OmniTraderThe second seminar guides through the process of configuring  OmniTrader to trade Forex. You will learn:How to Create a Forex ProfileThe Importance of the Forex DatabaseHow to Place a Forex TradeHow to Confirm Trades with Multiple Timeframes The FX Trading MethodThe final seminar explains how to use the tools provided in order to profit in the Forex Market. You will learn:The Best Forex Trading EntriesHow to Manage the Forex Trade to ProfitsWhen the Forex Market REALLY MovesThe Exact FX Trading Method Process  ForexTrader Delivers the Tools You Need to Succeed. OPTIMAL TRADE ENTRIES Two custom Trading Strategies, specifically designed for the Forex market, help you find the best entry points in any type of market. CONFIRMATION TOOLS A complete set of confirmation tools, including Setups, Chart Books, and Multiple Timeframe Analysis make sure that you are taking the trades with the highest profit potential. TRADE MANAGEMENT The Forex Method Trade Plan helps you manage your trades to an optimal outcome, and they provide you with a perfect guide to custom trade management.

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Dynamic Profit Module Content

Maximize the Profit of Every Trade You TakeUsing the new optimization features in OmniTrader, both the accuracy and profitability of our Entry Signals have been dramatically improved. This led us to ask the question: “Is there a dynamic way to manage Exits as well?” Indeed there is! Stocks and futures move in cycles. That is, they form successive highs and lows as a result of the ebb and fl ow between supply and demand. What if we could accurately predict the next high or low before it occurs?  Wouldn’t Exits that adapt to the chart be better than fixed Exits?  The first step was to identify the cycles, and to do that we examine the turns in the chart or pivots. By measuring the size of the moves and the time between turns, we were able to predict the next cycle high or low. Having accurate cycle projections has enabled us to create the Dynamic Profit Module. When activated, it plots the next most likely cycle high or low on the chart. This helps us know the best time to enter a trade on a new Signal. It also enables us to determine the best point to take profits! The module uses the next projected high or low to generate three Profit Targets (Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive). The user can place their Fixed Profit Stop at the appropriate level. It’s easy to see where the Stop Loss should be placed to maintain a desired Reward:Risk ratio.  In the The Power to Trade with Confidence Seminar, we show you how to select the best Target, but the Moderate (middle) Target is generally the best selection. It’s also the one we used in the automated Strategy tests described on the next page.Improve Profits by up to 300%!Improve Profits by up to 300%!With Dynamic Profit Module, we can finally unleash the power of the Eighths Tool. The Eighths Tool is similar to a traditional Trailing Profit Stop, except it has “steps” against which Stops are adjusted behind a profitable move.  Normally, the Eighths Tool is used by stretching it across a prior range in the chart (recent high and low.) The Eighths Tool automatically adjusts to the projected target, making it easy to adjust a trade visually using the levels. Another benefit of this tool is that automated Strategies can use the new Eighths Tool, automatically adjusted to the projected range at each Signal!The NEW Eighths Tool automatically projects an Eights Tool from the Signal to the right. This provides the best possible Trailing Profit Stop, as shown in this example.

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Volume Systems 2.0

Turn up the Volume and HEAT UP YOUR PROFITS!Beat the Pros at their own game!With the Volume Heat Indicator, you can see the Professionals entering and exiting the market…and that’s information you can profit from.Volume is the lifeblood of any market. We know that it is the imbalance in supply and demand that makes a market move. And closely related to this is the concept of liquidity—how rapidly a market will absorb our shares when we decide to sell them. A quick look at any chart will tell you that trading volume is not uniform, but rather comes in waves or spikes. We know that onlarge volume days, sudden buying or selling has entered the market for a reason, and depending on supply and demand for the shares, price will either continue a prior trend or form a reversal.  Volume Flow analysis is the study of price movement in the context of these unusual volume events. In Volume Systems 2.0, we built several indicators designed to show us how much movement potential exists in a chart at the point one of these events occurs.  Volume Heat, shown on this page is a fabulous visual tool for quickly SEEING the events, because you can’t miss the change from red to green. Using Volume Heat as our base technology, we developed our Volume Flow Oscillator and additionalVolume Weighted Indicators, Systems, and Strategies that are showing phenomenal performance.  The Volume Systems 2.0 Power Strategy uses both the DVF-C and VWMACD-C Systems. It combines them to look for tell-tale signs that the professionals are beginning to accumulate a stock. And we must admit, the concept is simply amazing. In a recent test on the Russell 1000, we generated the following statistics on the 100% Mechanical Strategy:Period ………………… 1/09 – 6/10Trades ……………….. 455Hit Rate ……………… 72%Average Bars …….. 38Average PPT ……… 11.8%This is an incredible average profit per trade for a Mechanical Strategy. And it’s showing 72% accuracy.Volume Heat in action. By examining past price and volume behavior, the indicator can predict changes in trend, as shown here.Volume Heat makes it easy to see changes in trend. The other Indicators and Systems in Volume Systems 2.0 are based on this.Included with Volume Systems 2.0Volume IndicatorsVolume Heat IndicatorVolume Flow IndicatorVolume Weighted MAVolume Weighted MACDVolume SystemsDual Volume Flow CrossoverVW MACD CrossoverVolume Flow DivergenceVW MACD DivergenceVolume StrategiesVolume Power Strategy

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Pring KST Content

The Know Sure Thing (KST) Indicator is an oscillator that was designed to balance the two conflicting principles of trade entry, timeliness and sensitivity, into one Indicator. An Indicator of this nature is rare, and Nirvana Systems knew that it would be an outstanding addition to our customers´ trading arsenal.  When Nirvana Systems decided to create a plug-in based on the KST Indicator, we knew that we would get the best results by working with Martin Pring himself. Martin provided us with his insight into additional market conditions that, when coupled with the KST Indicator, produced outstanding trading opportunities. Our collaboration created exceptional results, which are now available for the first time in the Pring KST Package Plug-In.  The Pring KST Plug-In contains various new Indicators and Systems which can be used to improve your trading. These Indicators and Systems were used to construct three different Trading Strategies as defined by Martin Pring.

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Woodies Content

Double the Profits of the OriginalKen Woodie has been a professional trader for over 25 years, and is the founder of theWoodie’s CCI Club, an online community that practices his methods of using the CCI indicator to trade the markets.“I began to use the CCI And started to develop patterns on it 13 to 14 years ago”, Woodie says. “I noticed that these particular patterns were showing up on daily charts time after time. And so, that’s when I started developing the patterns on the CCI.”CCI Ghost, Vegas and ShamuWoodie began to give these patterns names, such as the CCI Ghost, Vegas and Shamu. While the names are unique, the results of the patterns are very similar – they consistently find profitable short term trading opportunities. Woodie has freely shared these patterns within the trading community, and hundreds of traders are using his approach to trade the markets every day.To our knowledge, no one has ever successfully automated Woodie’s approach. The number of rules and situations that must be identified is rather large. However, we felt the approach had considerable merit, we spent a long time studying the patterns and creating a series of Systems, Indicators and Stops, which have evolved into the Woodie’s CCI Plug-in.WCCI Nirvana with Trend StrategyAll Trades: StatisticsForward TestNumber of Trades445Profitable Trades336Avg. Hit Rates (%)75.51Avg. Bars per Trade7EPR% Annualized EPR (%)36.70The WCCI Nirvana with Trend Strategy finds suberb Swing Trades, like the one shown here on RRD. The trailing Stops have been tuned to generate maximum profit from the Signals.  Using the power of OmniTrader, we quickly began to see ways to improve on what Woodie accomplished. The result is the WCCI Nirvana with Trend Strategy. From our testing, this version generates approximately double the profits of the original.

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Turtle Trader Content

Introducing Nirvana’s Turtle StrategiesThe original Turtle Strategies and those developed later by Curtis Faith used several indicators, including Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands and Donchian Channels to identify breakouts in trend. And the Turtle Strategies have been shown to work extremely well over the long haul.The Turtle MethodThe Turtle Method is similar to the Fulcrum Method taught at The basic idea is to trade solid, definitive breakouts and apply wider stops as the trade becomes more profitable.The original Turtle Strategies used Donchian Channels to identify breakouts. Curtis Faith incorporated other indicators, such as Bollinger Bands, to give his Systems improved accuracy. He also used Moving Averages as trend filters. The profitability of these systems over the past ten years has been excellent, with average annual returns of 29% to 58% from January 1996 through June 2006.Turtle Trader is BornWith the recent publication of Faith’s new book and the results he published, we decided to develop a plug-in for OmniTrader so our customers could trade like a Turtle and learn from the Turtle Strategies.Works on Stocks and FuturesThe Turtles traded futures exclusively. However, we know most of our customers trade stocks, so we developed and tested TurtleTrader in the stock market—the equity curves on page 9 are based on trading stocks with the Nirvana Turtle Breakout LT Strategy.The same Strategies work in the futures market—just create a futures profile, activate one or more of the TurtleTrader Strategies, and run the To Do List! If you have ever wanted a comprehensive collection of Turtle Strategies, this is it. Remember, our plug-ins are guaranteed! Now is the perfect time to discover “Turtle Power” for yourself.PROFITABILITY of the Nirvana Turtle StrategiesHere is the result of a recent run in the Portfolio Simulator for the Nirvana Turtle Breakout (Long Term) vs. the Turtle Bollinger Breakout System on the stocks in the S&P 100 index.While the original Strategy was certainly profitable, the Nirvana version generated more than DOUBLE the profits with almost HALF the drawdowns. It is also considerably more accurate. This new and improved Turtle Strategy is included with the TurtleTrader plug-in.Turtle Donchian Trend – Uses Donchian Channel indicator for breakout entries and a special Turtle Stop.Turtle Triple Moving Averages – Curtis Faith used Multiple Moving Averages to identify longer term trends, as shown here on these Signals on Campbell Soup.NEWStrategiesIncluded: TheOriginalTurtleStrategiesOriginal #1 – Trades Donchian Channel breakouts with a profit filterOriginal #2 – Trades develop over a longer period. Uses the Turtle StopWayoftheTurtle StrategiesATR Channel – Uses ATR Bands to generate  entries with an MA StopBollinger Breakout – Uses Bollinger Band extreme points for breakoutsDonchian Trend – Similar to Original #1, but with a different trending filterDonchian Time – Similar to Donchian Trend. Exits  in a fixed amount of timeDual Moving Avgs – Always in trade through the  use of two Moving AveragesTriple Moving Avgs – Similar to Dual, with an  additional trending Moving AverageNirvanaTurtleStrategiesNirvana Breakout MT – Based on Original #1.  Applies the Eighths Tool ExitNirvana Breakout LT – Based on 2 Breakout Strategies published in Way of the Turtle

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SnapAnalyzer Content

Find the Most Explosive Moves with the NEW SnapAnalyzer!All markets provide opportunities like those shown in the charts above – overextended points that invite buyers to enter the market at a temporary reduction in price.   We have many Strategies that find these kinds of trades, like T3, VBX-3, Swing-13, and RTM7 to name a few. But what we HAVEN’T had up to now is a way to rank, sort and evaluate these opportunities in addition to the Buy or Sell Signal.  Now, you can add a Snap column to your Focus List and instantly identify the symbols with the greatest Snap potential. Just sort the list to find the best candidates, open the chart, and review the SnapAnalyzer display (see next page for example).  Even if you don’t own any of these Plug-In Strategies, you can use the Snap Potential Indicator to quickly go through any Focus List and find those symbols that have the highest Snap Potential. Trading these candidates End of Day with Market on Open orders can be very profitable. Finding “Spring-Loaded” TradesThe secret to finding explosive moves is to find sharp pullbacks within strong-trending markets. In other words, you want to find conditions where the market is “spring loaded” in your favor. That’s what SnapAnalyzer does.Measuring Pullbacks The SnapAnalyzer uses proprietary measurements to gauge the Snap Potential of any chart. This measurement shows how stretched the chart is, which has a strong correlation with the likelihood and size of the snapback.  The SnapAnalyzer also uses an internal automatic testing feature that helps you see how well this particular stock has reacted to similar snapback setups in the historical data.Measuring Strength The second component to a good snap trade is the underlying long term strength of the stock. Our three strength measurements give you the whole story on the current symbol. The Long Term Strength shows you the current trend/bias for the symbol you are viewing.  Similarly, Group Strength and Market Strength help you further confirm the trades. When the market is strong you have a rising tide, yielding higher probabilities for success. Similarly, the Group Strength measurement helps you identify when this type of setup is occurring.The Tradeability Measurement Another key factor is the “tradeability” of the underlying chart. A stock making a big move does a trader no good, if the trader can’t actually manage the trade. The Tradeability measurement helps identify stocks which move in an orderly fashion from lows to highs. This helps avoid overly volatile symbols so you can focus on charts which have the inherent “smoothness” characteristic all professional traders look for.

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Darvas Content

Confirmer and Entry Signal GeneratorNirvana automates Nicolas Darvas’ famous approach in the Nirvana Darvas Box Plug-in for OmniTrader. As an OmniTrader user, you will want this powerful tool on your side-both as a confirmer and an entry Signal generator.Find outstanding breakout candidates with three different Darvas Strategies.Enable Strategies that are accurate, profitable, and non-optimized!Confirm powerful breakout moves with the included Indicators.Apply Support/Resistance Filters to your OmniTrader Strategies to improve overall Signal accuracy.The Darvas BoxNicolas Darvas was not a stock market professional, yet he was able to become a millionaire several times over through his unique investment approach, known in popular trading circles as the Darvas Box.By establishing a “box” around price, Darvas could not only determine optimum entry and exit points, but also assess his risk even before entering the trade.Automating the Darvas Box ProcessHere at Nirvana, we set out to automate the Darvas Box process, but we didn’t stop there. Working within the basic premise of the Darvas Box method, we took it to the next level. The result of our efforts is a comprehensive set of Indicators, Trading Systems and Strategies, that are a valuable addition to OmniTrader.The Darvas Box Classic Strategy implements the well-known Darvas Box approach to trading, while the newly developed Darvas Box Nirvana and Darvas Box Classic Support/Resistance Trading Strategies are variations on Darvas’ original work.While each of these Strategies is designed to find breakout opportunities in the short to medium-term timeframes, each take a slightly different approach to generating signals. This gives you the flexibility to apply the method most appropriate to your style of trading.

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