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Powerful Trading Strategies for Every Type of Trader!

The Vortex is a complete trading package that is based on one of the most flexible trading tools, the Vortex Indicator.

The original creators of the Vortex Indicator based the idea on the observation that the flow and vortex motions of water in rivers and streams mimic those of the markets.

This concept has led to the creation of an indicator that can accurately determine trend direction, trend change and trend strength.

The Vortex is composed of two lines, VM+ and VM-. The VM+ is tracking upward trending momentum, while the VM- is tracking downward trending momentum. When you combine these two lines together, they provide you with a wealth of information.

The chart of ABT to the left shows how this indicator can help us identify trend reversals, trend strength and periods of consolidation.

We took this powerful indicator and created new indicators, systems and strategies to help you find profitable trading opportunities in any timeframe.

Profitable Trading with The Vortex Strategies

The Vortex 2 includes three new Trading Strategies that take advantage of the strengths of this unique indicator, providing traders with excellent trend trading opportunities - even in this market!

The Vortex X Long-Term Strategy

BIG Profits on Major Trend Reversals

The Vortex X Strategy is a highly accurate trend trading strategy that generates longer term trades.

This strategy takes the classic approach to using the Vortex by looking for a cross of the two Vortex lines. When this occurs, it signifies a trend change.

We took a longer term Vortex, applied important filters, and then created a Trade Plan that would track a strong trend while avoiding significant losses if the trend was short lived.

The Vortex X Strategy is designed to find big profits on longer term trades, like this whopper on Applied Materials for over 40%!

The Vortex Spread Medium-Term Strategy

Dramatic Gains in the Direction of the Trend

When the Vortex lines are far apart, it will often indicate overbought/oversold conditions. The Vortex Spread Strategy takes advantage of this setup to find short to medium term profits.

By finding pullbacks in long term upward trends, the Vortex Spread Strategy can find stocks that poised to make dramatic gains in the coming days or weeks. This example for KLAC shows how the Vortex Spread Strategy found the perfect entry for a gain of almost 30% in just over a month!

The Vortex Spread Strategy loos to find oversold opportunities in upward trending markets, like this big winner on KLAC.

NEW in Vortex 2.0! The Vortex Dip Short-Term Strategy

Mastering Momentum for Quick Profits

For Vortex 2.0, we used the Vortex components to create a short-term Trading Strategy that takes advantage in temporary weakness in recently strong momentum.

The Vortex Dip Strategy uses the Vortex to find stocks that had previously high momentum, but that momentum has now waned. These pullbacks, or “dips”, are prime entries for short term trades, as shown on this chart for Disney.

The Vortex Dip Strategy looks for short term opportunities by looking at temporary weakness in momentum, as shown here with three profitable trades on Walt Disney Co.

The Vortex Advantage

Improving ANY Strategy with The Vortex

The Vortex is an all-inclusive trading package, but one of the best things about it is that it can also be used to improve almost any aspect of trading, including existing strategies.

We used some of the Vortex indicators as filters in different strategies, and we were impressed at the results. Here’s just a couple of examples of how the Vortex can improve accuracy AND profitability.

We’ve seen similar results as the Vortex improves other strategies as well. Regardless of which strategy you’re using, the Vortex can easily improve results and help you advance your trading!

This table shows just a few examples of how filtering with The Vortex can improve both accuracy and profitability

Solid Performance Since Created!

Vortex 2.0 was created in early 2020 but since then, it's strategies have continued to produce good results on the stocks in the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 100.

Power Trading with the Vortex

Unlimited Gains – with Limited Risk

The Vortex is loaded with incredibly flexible trading tools, and  Power Trading with The Vortex shows you how to profit with every one of them. In this information packed seminar, Jeff Drake will show you how to use the Vortex to excel in any market. Power Trading with The Vortex will show you:

 How the Vortex Shows You Trend Direction AND Strength

 The Profit Power of the Vortex Cross

 Why the Vortex Spread Leads to Short Term Profits

 How to Trade Breakouts with the Vortex

 How to Improve Other Strategies with the Vortex

 And more!