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Nirvana’s Cloud A.I. Initiative Featuring


Nirvana has been providing Artificial Intelligence apps in OmniTrader since 1998. But we all know a lot has changed in A.I. over these past 25 years.

Every day, we see more and more A.I. Systems being deployed for things like self-driving cars, medical diagnosis, and more. None of this would be possible without massive, advanced A.I. processes running on servers in the Cloud.

We are fortunate to have Nirvana Club Member Steve Mayo on our team. I have known Steve since he first got OmniTrader in 1996. He’s an amazing scientist and gifted developer. Watch this 15-minute video to learn about Steve’s background and how he built the TRADEnosis Cloud A.I. System we are now adopting.

Watch this 15-minute video to learn about TRADEnosis.

TRADEnosis Webinar Video

January 24, 2023

We had a near record attendance in today’s webinar on Nirvana’s new Cloud A.I. Initiative featuring TRADEnosis by Steve Mayo.

In the webinar, Steve and I explain the roll out of this new technology, which will be delivered to users by February 10, 2023. 

Thanks to the TRADEnosis connection that is now in OmniTrader, we are seeing the results of the walk-forward predictions in portfolio simulations.

One of these runs is shown to the right. The initial training Steve did is on just 15 stocks that were selected to represent different industry groups. Even on this small list, the performance is remarkable.

Using Signals from out-of-sample data on 15 stocks, TRADEnosis QScore shows 140% per year return with a 5% draw down.  We are about to train the System on 1,700 stocks and expect performance to improve with the added diversity.

Nirvana is “turning the ship” towards this A.I. technology to partner with Steve on providing these Signals to our customers.  

This test is featured in the TRADEnosis video.

Gain Access to the Coming Mobile App

“I originally started TRADEnosis because I wanted a mobile app to trade and monitor my investments. Creating this app is a key element of our plan.” - Steve Mayo

The TRADEnosis Mobile App will provide Signals from QScore as they are generated, as well as historical Signals. This will be the core product promoted by Nirvana as a result of this development. By helping us reach our goal, you will have access to it at a fraction of what we charge the public.

Get TRADEnosis 

Help us Reach Our Goal of Providing Cloud A.I. for Traders

And Potentially Save Thousands as We Grow the Platform!

Get Cloud A.I. Predictions in your OmniTrader or VisualTrader 
Grow with us as we train the A.I. on more stocks for improved results

20 Licenses Available at $5k each.

• Gain early access to the TRADEnosis QSCore Strategy that pulls A.I. Signals from the
    Cloud daily into OmniTrader/ATM or VisualTrader (1-2 weeks)

• Get Signals on the 15 popular stocks first, increasing to 1,700 (2-3 weeks)

• No additional cost until we deploy TRADEnosis QScore to the public and then,
    just 20% of that cost to help cover ongoing server costs ($100/month maximum).

How Long? Those who join us in this first TRADEnosis group can expect to receive Signals in their OmniTrader or VisualTrader  in less than 2 weeks (by Feb 10, '23).

You also will receive Periodic Updates including new Stocks that have been trained and other news.