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Trade Major Reversals to Lock In Big Profits

6. Trade Major Reversals to Lock In Big Profits

We’ve all heard it said many times – “Buy Low and Sell High”. But doing so is not always easy. In this groundbreaking event, we will examine the very best reversal situations as indicated by Saucer bottoms and Volume Climax patterns.

Both of these patterns can form at Major Lows in a chart, which is where demand begins to form.   Once we identify them, it’s simply a matter of establishing an ideal entry point and where to place Stops.  They can be traded for quick profits, or allowed to generate  solid gains over time.

Trading Assets:   We are focusing a lot of energy on these two patterns because of how powerful they are.  Specialized OmniScans will identify the candidates, and Strategies tuned for them will serve up the Signals and manage the trades.

Just Some of the Topics
We Will Cover

Volume Climax Bottoms, Tops, and Trends

  • The Psychology of Volume Climax Patterns
  • OmniScan that Identifies the Most Explosive Candidates
  • Conducive Market Phases
  • Trade Management on Volume Climax Trades

Saucer Bottoms and Basing Patterns

  • The Reasons Saucers Form
  • Use the Saucer OmniScan to find the best Saucers
  • Getting an Entry Signal
  • Money Management: Setting Ideal Stops and Profit Targets.