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Trade Cycles for Consistent Gains, Day-In and Day-Out

4. Trade Cycles for Consistent Gains, Day-in and Day-Out

In his 1960 book, “The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing.” J.M. Hurst chronicled the power of Cycles. While Cycles are fairly easy to identify, some are more predictive than others.

In this important seminar, we will look at how to dramatically reduce risk on any trade by identifying the likely Cycle Bottom or Top, with or against the Trend (both can be powerful).

Trading Assets:  Automatically determining the current Cycle is not easy  One of the components we are constructing for this Trade Secret is a refined indicator that shows the likelihood of a Cycle Low or High, rather than just a "visual" indicator in the charts.

Just Some of the Topics
We Will Cover

  • When Cycles Work, and When they Don’t
  • How to Identify PROFITABLE Cycle Highs and Lows
  • Cycles within a Trend Pull-Back
  • The OmniScan Cycle-Finder 
  • The Best Strategy to identify a Great Cycle Trade
  • Placing Stops and Managing the Trade