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The Adaptive Method

1. Adaptive Trading - Make Consistent Gains No Matter What the Market is Doing.

Learn how to Make Money in Any Market but Reduce Risk in Uncertain Markets. In this cornerstone event, we cover specific Market Phases, Clues, and Events that tell us the likely direction of the market,  – AND when to reduce exposure.   Special Confirmation Techniques are also explained that help you find and trade the very best candidates each day.

The "CornerStone" Event.  Adaptive Trading is all about understanding the Market and trading according to Directional Clues and Reduction of Risk.   Lessons learned here are leveraged in the other Trade Secrets, where individual candidates are identified and traded according to specialized methods.  

Trading Assets: Specialized OmniScans deliver the candidates for each Market Phase, included Strategies fire the Signals and a Market Allocation Calculator tells us how much Long/Short Exposure is appropriate at any given time. 

Just Some of the Topics
We Will Cover

  • Reading the Broad Market
  • Strength is as Important as Direction
  • Index Patterns and Line Studies
  • Finding Market Direction Clues
  • Special Chart Situations
  • Assessing Market Volatility - And Using it to our Advantags
  • Trade Management: Continuation and Exhaustion
  • The Market Allocation Calculator