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Profit from Volatility Plays

3. Profit from Volatility Plays

We need the markets to move in order to profit, but excessive volatility can wreak havoc on our trading approach.

Most of the money is made by traders in volatile (irrational) markets.  With wide swings and huge moves in some symbols, it makes sense to identify these “gifts from the market” and act on them when they occur.  By understanding the effect of volatility in the broad market and individual securities, we can take advantage of volatility and mitigate risk in uncertain markets.

Trading Assets:   The Volatility Trading Method comes with OmniScans to identify those symbols that are poised for explosive Breakouts and Reversals, plus the other trading assets that identify the actual Signals and help manage the trades.

Just Some of the Topics
We Will Cover

  • The Blessing and the Curse of Volatility
  • The Relationship of Volatility and Market Trend
  • The Best Way to Measure Volatility on Individual Stocks
  • Big Profits in Low Volatility Markets
  • Managing Risk in High Volatility Markets
  • OmniScan to find Volatility Plays
  • Strategies for Low and High Volatility Markets
  • Managing Volatility Trades