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Trade Secrets 1 "Preview" Webinar
Held February 14, 2019

In this informative and educational webinar, Ed Downs and Jeff Drake cover some of the assets which have been developed for Trade Secrets 1 - Adaptive Trading.
In the webinar, you will learn about..
  • Adaptive Indicators:  Making it easier to identify the current Phase of the Market AND produce profitable Signals within each phase.
  • Market Breadth Analysis: How it can lead to powerful Signals, with an example by one of our researchers.
  • OmniScan Counts:  How this new analysis technique is helping us predict market movement (includes a demo of how to do it in OmniTrader).
Chapter Version (HTML)          Presentation Slides  (PDF)
Free Download:    OmniTrader users can click here to download a ZIP file with the indicators Ed demonstarted in the webinar.