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Find and Trade the Most Explosive Moves

2. Find and Trade the Most Explosive Moves

Continuation Patterns are THE MOST PREDICTIVE of all chart patterns.   Indeed, if a trader were to focus on just one pattern category, it should be continuations.

In his seminars on Chart Patterns, Ed has reviewed both Consolidations and Gaps, explaining how they can predict price targets.  But that's the beginning, because not all Consolidations and Gaps are created equal.   Some are as much as 90% accurate in their prediction.  Not only do we want to know which ones the best, but how to trade them.

Trading Assets:  In this Trade Secret Event, we will demonstrate the use of OmniScan to find the best Consolidation and Gap candidates, along with stop placement and counter measures for situations where the market changes.  

A Unique and Powerful Experience

As with all Trade Secrets, new research is being conducted on specialized Scans and Indicators to make finding and trading the best patterns easier than ever before.  It's a must-attend event for any serious trader.

Just Some of the Topics
We Will Cover

Consolidations - The Most Predictive Pattern 

  • How and Why Consolidations Form
  • The Top 3 Consolidations, with Probabilities of Success
  • Strategies that identify the Most Accurate Entry Signals
  • Placing Stops & Managing the Trade
  • Trade Plan Automation

Gaps - another Powerful Breakout/Continuation Pattern

  • Why Gaps Occur
  • Which ones are the most predictive?
  • The  Most Important Confirmation Techniques
  • Money Management: Where to Place Stops.  When to take Profits.