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Nirvana Club Testimonials 
Members Share Their Experience with the Nirvana Club and ARM Technology

We asked members to answer the questions "How has the Nirvana Club helped you?" and "Why would you recommend the Club to other OmniTrader users?"

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Since NSP-31 started I have entered every trade. This is a remarkably accurate system, especially for Option trading, and I am up a good amount of money off these trades to date. My trade on CSCO was a 74% gainer. USP was another nice profitable trade. My BUD option is already up $500!
I benefit from the Nirvana Club's forums; from programming ideas to learning how other member/traders react to market conditions. Interacting within this venue is just plain fun. I have paid for my Nirvana Club membership two times over from savings on software and NSP-31 trades. NSP-31 alone is worth whatever the membership costs. I have been trading the signals generated for a couple months and made money on every trade. Consequently, I would highly recommend the Nirvana Club to any investor or trader.

Ted McNeillWinter Garden, FL
Charlie Falck

The results so far (on NSP-31) after 3 months are very close to the test results Nirvana published. After 9 trades the return is 17% with a win/loss of 2.34 to 1. These are the kind of results that most money managers only dream of!

I've been in the securities industry for over 29 years and have spent a small fortune on analytical, charting and trading programs. None have matched the day-in, day-out utility of OmniTrader Pro and Visual Trader. For me, the Nirvana Club was the next logical step. The Club has allowed me to gain insight from other traders, provided an open forum where traders share ideas, and allowed me access to the newest innovations from Nirvana. It has been an excellent investment and one that I would recommend without hesitation to serious traders.

John Lesley
Jeff McClure

I have been a member of the Nirvana family for 2 years. I contemplated joining the Nirvana Club after starting with OmniTrader. This year, I finally crossed over and haven't looked back. During this time, the many great trading developments issued by my new “family” have propelled me along the learning curve. My development as a trader has gone supersonic as a result of the many things the Club has to offer and my goal of creating another career for myself is now within reach. I wish I would have joined the Club sooner. Please continue to amaze me and other Club members with the brilliant ideas your Nirvana family brings us.

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