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Ultimate Indicator Suite 2

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The Ultimate Just Got Better:
Trade Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More!

We surveyed our customers on which indicators are working the best for them in the current market.  Our development team then combined  their input with research we  had been conducting  in-house and went to work evaluating the results.  And what we found out was AMAZING!

We discovered THREE great indicators that are finding Selective Setups that are MAKING MONEY in THIS market!

We then designed The Ultimate Indicator Suite 2 to  make it as easy as possible for you to get started trading with these powerful tools.

Linear Regression Forecast

The Linear Regression Forecast indicator gives you a major advantage over common trend indicators, such as moving averages, as it reacts quickly to price change, which results in less lag and better trades.

This indicator provides a “forecast” of future prices plotted on today’s data. When price is displaced from the forecast, we can expect it to return to the forecasted level.

The Derivative Oscillator

The Derivative Oscillator has been widely used as one of the best confirmation tools available to traders.  It combines the power of two of the most popular indicators in technical analysis into one easy to use trading powerhouse.  By analyzing both momentum and trend, the Derivative Oscillator helps us determine optimal entries into new trends.

The Coppock Curve

The Coppock Curve or Coppock  indicator was created for long-term investors. The goal of this indicator is to identify long-term buying opportunities using monthly Moving Averages.

While there are plenty of Moving Averages to choose from, the Coppock uses an ingenious incorporation of Rate of Change indicators.  Although designed to run on monthly charts, we have designed this tool so that it can be used on any timeframe - intraday, daily or weekly.

Two Powerful Strategies to Kick Start Your Trades

The Ultimate Indicator Suite 2 has two added two exceptional Trading Strategies that will help you find great trades in any market.  Both strategies draft off the power of the new indicators and systems in the Ultimate Indicator Suite 2, and they use multiple timeframe confirmation to find the trades with the highest profit potential.

UIS2 Swing Strategy

The UIS2 Swing Strategy uses the Linear Regression Forecast system in order to find trades that are poised to bounce back towards the Linear Regression Line.

Although these trades are short term, they can generate some BIG Gains!

 UIS2 Momentum Strategy

The UIS2 Momentum Strategy combines the power of the new Derivative System with the Coppock System to find long term trades – and HUGE profits.

Multiple timeframe confirmation is used to insure you are trading the primary trend, and you’ll love how this strategy delivers trades with Consistent Gains!

The Ultimate Indicator Suite 2 includes some of the most powerful indicators available, and profitable strategies based on these indicators.  In the NEWLY UPDATED "Profiting with Ultimate Indicator Suite", Jeff Drake shows you how to use each of these tools. 

In this seminar you will learn:

  • How to Determine the Trend with Precision
  • Which  Overbought Oversold Levels Lead to higher profits
  • How to Determine which stocks are beating the market
  • The Trading Advantage of Each New Strategy

"Profiting with the Ultimate Indicator Suite" provides you with an informative yet concise guide to mastering these exceptional trading tools

The Ultimate Indicator Suite 2 Includes
Everything You Need!

  • 3 All New Indicators
  • 3 All new Systems
  • 2 Powerful NEW Strategies
  • The Ultimate Indicator Suite 1
  • Clear and Concise Education

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Important Information: Futures, options and securities trading has risk of loss and may not be suitable for all persons.  No Strategy can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.  Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.  Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations.  Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do no represent actual trading.