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OptionTrader 5

OptionTrader 5


Finally, anyone can easily trade the options market because OptionTrader does all the work.

With the new features in OptionTrader we are automatically trading the most liquid options and can set limits on spreads – two critical elements for profitable option trading.

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Trade Options with Ease!

OptionTrader is going to make you feel like an options genius the first time you use it. Given a Profit and Loss Target, the software will automatically evaluate every option method using current option pricing to show you which option trades will make the most money with the least risk. Then, you manage your trades right in the chart. What could be easier?

OptionTrader  is more than just an options trading platform.It’s the only software in the world that lets you automatically test trading Strategies on popular options methods over a portfolio of symbols. Test Diagonals on Darvas, Butterflies on Breakout, or any other options method on any OmniTrader Strategy.

Options provide the best of all worlds. With options you can:

•  Increase Profits 

•  Generate Income 

•  Limit your Overall Risk

Options can dramatically increase trading profits. In the example to the right, we compare the same trades on the stock versus selling options. Profits were nearly three times higher trading options, while losses were about the same.

We can also use options to generate income in our accounts, by selling time premium to the market using Covered Calls, Butterflies and other methods. All you have to do is decide which approach to take for a given chart…  

Why Trade Options?

Harnessing the Power of Options with OptionTrader 3

We designed OptionTrader to simplify the option trading process.  Given a goal, the software will tell you which option method to apply.  

How do you know when to generate income vs. placing a directional trade?  How do you establish your chart levels?  These questions and more are answered in Ed’s Course.   

OptionTrader is the best options trading platform in the world.  Combined with the new Options Course, you will be able to engage the options market with confidence.  We guarantee it!

We built OptionTrader with three goals in mind:

Make options trading easy.

Automatically identify the most profitable options method for any trade.

Automatically test options methods on historical data in OmniTrader.

OptionTrader Makes Option Trading Easy.

On February 12, FedEx (FDX) generates a Buy Signal and has a good chance of reaching 50% of the prior range, at about 148.*

* In our free course, we teach you how to identify optimal targets in any chart using basic principles.

We placed a TARGET at 148 and a STOP LOSS just below the prior Low Level in the Chart, because this level is Primary Support for FDX.


Now let’s search for the Option Trade with the highest “Reward:Risk” (Profit to Loss) Ratio.

OptionFinder determines the March 140 Call has the highest Reward:Risk at 6.52.

We can also see that the Strategy with LEAST RISK is the Naked Put Strategy with a Risk of only 15% using our Loss Level.

OptionTrader Draws the Profit & Loss Curves for your chosen trade right on the chart, so you can follow the Levels.

We can also see where the Break Even Level is (the yellow 0% Line) and when the contract(s) will expire.

Click "Trade"

Then, you can easily adjust Profit or Loss Levels right in the chart (can also use Trailing Profit Stops).

Stops can be based either on the value of the Option Position OR on the actual Underlying Chart Levels.

No other options program has this important feature.

We just turned a $114 investment into $1,932!

OptionTrader Features ...  Click here to discover how the unique features of OptionTrader make options trading Easy, Fun and PROFITABLE!

The Ultimate in Automated Options Trading .

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