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From Dow Theory to Elliot Wave analysis, traders have spent years building trading methods in order to predict the cyclical behavior of markets.

Discover How to Find Winning Stocks Right Now!

Trading for quick gains is one way to increase the value of your portfolio. But there is a BETTER way to approach the market that requires much less time and can provide superior returns this year.

It’s called Position Trading—the art of entering positions in stocks and ETFs as they are being accumulated and staying in the trades as long as the trend remains intact.

The beauty of position trading is it doesn’t require daily trading activity.

“Position Trading is NOT the same as "Buy and Hold"
investing which is difficult in this market environment.”

The market can actually give us "Secret Clues" as to which securities are being accumulated through “signatures” provided in the charts. PositionTrader identifies those that are gaining strength or showing continued strength in the market.

With PositionTrader You Will Receive:

▲ Advanced Trade Management

That allows you to select the right plan that best suits your specific investment objectives.

▲ Targeted Strategies

Powerful Strategies that provide optimal entries for long term gains.

▲ World Class Education

Our education provides insight into the signatures and Secret Clues of the market.

A Common Sense Approach to Investing...

"Understand the power of chart signatures and beat the pros at their own game!"

Position Trading is not the same as "Buy and Hold" investing which is difficult in the current market environment!

To do well at position trading, we must do two things:

1. Identify stocks and ETFs that are being accumulated by the general market, and...

2. Have a rational method for exiting a position when it stops going up.

How does one determine that a given stock or ETF is likely to continue going up?

The market can actually give us clues as to which securities are being accumulated through "signatures" provided in the charts, identifying those that are gaining strength or showing continued strength in the market.

Strategies Designed Specifically for Profitable Position Trading


"Basing Breakouts are excellent position trading candidates."

The Basing Strategy takes a unique approach to finding stocks that are poised to start an extended upward move. The Strategy confirms that the stock is basing after making a dramatic downward move. Once the stock begins to break out of the basing pattern, a signal is generated. Stocks that breakout of a basing pattern often trend upward for an extended period of time, making these opportunities excellent Position Trading candidates.


"Continuation trades have shown consistent strength and are poised to continue."

The Continuation Strategy looks for stocks that have already established a nice, steady trend. By looking at the historical data in segments, this strategy identifies stocks that have shown consistent strength over the last three months. These are the ones we want to trade when the timing is right. Once price makes a significant move in the direction of the trend, a Signal is generated. This trend trading Strategy generates Buy Signals on stocks that are poised to continue to make new highs over a prolonged period.


The Trade Plans included with your copy of PositionTrader are designed to keep a position in trade until chart dynamics indicate it is no longer favored by the market.

In this example, you can see how the “Stops” defined in the Trade Plan adjust dynamically as the position matures, keeping the trade active to an optimal conclusion.

In Position Trading, “one size does not fit all.” Some investors prefer tighter stops to minimize drawdowns while other investors prefer looser stops to maximize their profits.

To meet this need, we provide 3 Trade Plans—Tight, Medium, and Loose — that allow the user to target a specific holding period and expected return. Each Trade Plan has a different set of parameters, designed to let trades continue for shorter or longer periods, as long as the position remains intact.


The Strategy + Trade Plan combinations in PositionTrader have shown the ability to generate superior returns.

Here are statistics generated by each Trade Plan on both Strategies tested over 20 years on the S&P 100 list. With PositionTrader, you control the amount of Risk as well as your potential Returns through Trade Plan selection.

We’ve done the work; just select your Trade Plan and trade!


Specialized OmniScans identify setups that are being accumulated across the entire market.

Basing Scan - Identifies stocks and ETFs that are showing signs of a good basing pattern, ready for the Basing Strategy to fire signals on them.

Continuation Scan - Finds candidates that have shown they are strong relative to the market and in a good uptrend, setting the stage for the special Continuation Strategy to fire signals.

Education Designed With You in Mind:


Ed Downs, CEO and Founder of Nirvana Systems, provides you a solid knowledge of the basics and will take you to a Master Level of understanding position trading with this in-depth seminar.

He demonstrates how to trade and manage positions to steadily grow your accounts – the goal of every Position Trader.

Ed will show you WHY PositionTrader works, and HOW it pinpoints these powerful opportunities.

We’ve done the work; just select your Trade Plan and trade!


We want to put you on a level playing field with the Pros so you can beat them at their own game.

"Mastering the Art of Position Trading" unlocks the secrets of what is perhaps the most important aspect of managing any portfolio—how to balance your portfolio and manage overall market risk.

Powered by OmniTrader

The engine that provides the power for your investing success is OmniTrader. This award-winning trading platform brings you fully automated analysis that allows you to quickly find great Position Trading opportunities. For over 20 years, OmniTrader has been the choice of traders and investors alike who are looking for the most complete technical analysis software package on the market.

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 Hundreds of Indicators, Systems, Strategies and Line Studies.

 Chart Pattern Recognition.

 Fast Backtesting, Portfolio Simulations and much MORE...

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