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Option Trader Plus

Finally, option trading made easy with Option Trader for the OmniTrader platform

just HOW Easy?

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Which Option(s)

should I buy or sell?

Let’s say you think Apple (AAPL) is likely to rally.
Which Option STRATEGY should you use? 

•   Buy an Option
•   Sell an Option
•   Sell a Calendar Spread
•   Buy a Diagonal Spread
•   Buy a Bull Call Spread
•   Sell a Bull Put Spread
•   Buy a Bear Put Spread
•   Sell a Bear Call Spread
•   Buy a Butterfly
•   Sell an Iron Condor

stop pulling your hair out over which option method to use, let OptionTrader do the heavy lifting
AAPL stock chart is a great setup for finding profitable options contracts with OptionTrader Plus by Nirvana Systems

OptionTrader Makes It Almost Too Easy!

Option contracts on AAPL using Nirvana System's OptionTrader Plus to find the best options contracts available.

In a few seconds and with just one click on the chart, OptionTrader has ranked ALL of the Option Methods for AAPL, and found the best available option contract for each method!

We see that selling a Naked Put has the highest Reward:Risk Ratio but you have to put up $3,715 in margin.

With the Diagonal, you only have to invest $660. You will make $362 if AAPL gets to the target but only lose $93 if you are stopped out.

 "OptionTrader will make you feel like an Options Genius the first time you use it!" - H.E. Downs

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OptionTrader provides Profit target stop, Option P&L curve right on the chart, and a fixed loss stop that moves with the market

OptionTrader works within OmniTrader, the easiest to use trading platform on the planet.

Automatically find great Trading Signals on any list of optionable Stocks, ETFs and Indexes.

  • Activate OptionTrader
  • Find the Right Trade
  • Place and Manage your trade in the chart

Extensive OmniTrader training included.

The Complete Solution for Option Traders

OptionTrader 6


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Nirvana Systems has been helping traders succeed since 1987.

We want you to be successful with our software and offer a 30 Day

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