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Membership Benefits

Membership benefits are divided into two general categories; General and Current. All new members are considered Current (or "dues paid") for one calendar year following the date they join. After the initial year, members may renew their memberships for $300 per year. Annual dues are not required, but they do provide members with specific benefits, as outlined below under Current Member Benefits. All members participate in General Member Benefits, regardless of their renewal status.

General Member Benefits

The following benefits are enjoyed by all Nirvana Club members, regardless of dues-paid status. If you join the Club and never pay any annual dues, you still get full access to the web site and community, including the Bash held each year, and can participate on the same basis as all other members on the Ultimate Trading Machine goal.¹

Member Networking (Directory)

Nirvana Club members may reach any other member through the Nirvana Club member directory. Emails from the directory are forwarded through our servers to respective members.

Interactive Nirvana Club Forums

Our powerful forum software enhances dialog between members. Members experiment and share their knowledge with others through the member forums.

Nirvana Club Bash Event

The Nirvana Club Bash is held each year in Austin, Texas and is a chance to meet other members and share ideas.

Participation in Nirvana's Product Development

Share news on product developments, and other proprietary information.

The Ultimate Trading Machine Goal

Fully-automated trading technology. If Nirvana achieves this goal, only Nirvana Club members will be allowed to acquire it.¹

Current Member Benefits (with annual dues paid)

When you join the Club, you receive the current release(s) of ARM3 and ARM4 (with access to ARM2 on the web site), plus any updates which are released in the following calendar year. The Nirvana Club agreement specifies (optional) annual dues of $300 after the first year. Members are not obligated to renew their memberships; all members participate in General Member benefits listed above. Current (dues paid) Members receive the following additional benefits:

ARM Technology Updates

ARM Technology is advanced software developed by Nirvana that increases OmniTrader's signal accuracy (ARM has also been implemented in VisualTrader.) Current members receive any release of ARM which occurs during the calendar year following their renewal or join date.

Research Downloads

Current members may download functional Research Projects as they are created by the Nirvana team. These projects generally enhance tradability of ARM4 and other profiles in OmniTrader. Once they pass the research phase, they are officially added to the ARM technology.

System Development Kit (SDK)

Allows programmers to write systems and indicators for OmniTrader. This product is currently being sold on the OmniTrader web site. A license to the SDK is provided FREE to all Current members who request it.

Priority Technical Support

Current members can call our new toll-free hotline, 1-888-385-6282, and receive highest priority in the support queue. Just say, "I'm a Nirvana Club Member."

Product Discounts

Current members now enjoy generous discounts on Nirvana products. A member can more than recoup the cost of their annual dues by taking advantage of these member discounts. Discounts are applied to the current price advertised to the general population (e.g., if VisualTrader is promoted at $995, Current Member price will be 50% off, or $497.50).

¹ Refer to Nirvana Club Membership Agreement

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