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TS4 Trading Divergence for Big Profits

Momentum, Acceleration, and Volatility...

Trade Secret 4: Trading Divergence for Big Profits encompasses comprehensive seminars, in-depth trading session recordings, and specialized strategies to harness the potential of Divergence Analysis.

In this Trade Secret, we delve deep into using divergence in order to find different types of trading opportunities. In the first session, we use classic divergence to identify great reversal opportunities. In session two, we use "hidden" divergence to find and confirm continuation moves.

That is what Hidden Divergence provides!

Unlike anything
                 You've Ever Seen

Hidden Divergence is unlike ANY Trading System we have ever released. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful trading concepts we've ever seen!

Every signal in these charts was produced by a Strategy based on Hidden Divergence. Nearly all of them made double digit gains - a result that is common with this technique!

A Solid
   Long term 
          Trading Approach

You may already be familiar with REGULAR Divergence, which is great at signaling likely impending Reversals or changes in trend.

HIDDEN Divergence is the perfect companion to Regular Divergence because it identifies Continuation moves with the current trend.

Examples of Hidden Divergence

   Bullish hidden

The image of NVIDIA is an example of bullish hidden divergence. If price makes a higher low, we are trending upward. But if the indicator we are analyzing the security with makes a lower low, we have “hidden” divergence.

So what this tells us is that price is trending upward with a higher low pivot, but it has either temporarily lost momentum or it is oversold in the recent market. This provides us with an exceptional entry opportunity into the primary trend.

Here is an example of hidden bearish divergence on $COP

  Confirms Profitability

Our researchers applied this concept to some of our favorite momentum indicators, and we were pleasantly surprised at how well hidden divergence found trend continuation opportunities.

With some more research, we were able to develop a suite of excellent Trading Strategies that are perfectly suited to the current market, as explained on the next page.

The new Hidden Divergence Strategies will produce stellar trading opportunities you wouldn’t see otherwise.

$NVDA is showing hidden bullish divergence in this stock chart

What is Hidden Divergence?

Hidden Divergence is called “hidden” because it is not always obvious – a Strategy that detects the condition is needed so as to find all occurrences. Here is a comparison of the difference between Regular and Hidden Divergence.

Regular Divergence

Indicates a Potential REVERSAL

"Regular divergence is the classic interpretation of divergence that occurs when the price action makes higher highs or lower lows while the oscillating indicator does not. This indicates an early warning that the trend could be coming to an end in the near future. Chartists typically use other patterns to confirm the actual reversal."

Hidden Divergence

Indicates a CONTINUATION Move

"Hidden divergence occurs when the oscillator makes a higher high or low while the price action does not. This often tends to occur within an existing trend and usually indicates that there is still strength in the prevailing trend and that the trend will resume. In other words, hidden divergence is akin to a continuation pattern. As with regular divergence, hidden divergence can be bullish or bearish."

Trade Secret 4: Trading Divergence for Big Profit is paired with the Hidden Divergence Module! This Trade Secret comes with 5 powerful strategies that each have shown excellent performance over the last decade.

With Trade Secret 4: Trading Divergence for Big Profits, you will receive:

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