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Nirvana Testimonials 
Members Share Their Experience with the Nirvana Systems

We asked members to answer the questions "How has Nirvana Systems helped you?" and "Why would you recommend OmniTrader to other traders?"

Mike L. Nirvana Trader since 2007

I'm up 18%

I'm up 18% in 2020 using Nirvana products!

Dominik L. Nirvana Trader since 2001

Omnitrader is a great tool, but it's only a tool!

For me Omnitrader is a great tool, but it's only a tool; therefore it's good that there are sources (Nirvana Education) to learn how to use the platform and how to use it with a strategy.

David L. Nirvana Trader since 1990

I trust Nirvana with my money!

I trust Nirvana with my money and Membership has been the best investment I ever made.

Dale V. Nirvana Trader since 1990

My Nirvana membership helps me!

My Nirvana membership helps me by continually chasing the dream of automatic trading. That takes dedicated researchers who need to be paid for. I am willing to fund some of that for the privilege of being part of it. The products continue to improve over time. OmniTrader is a unique stock sorting tool for traders. No one does it quite like Omnitrader. Not tradestation nor Metastock.

David O. Nirvana Trader since 1995

Fun, Exciting, and Fulfilling!

I've been a Nirvana Member since 1995. It's been a fun, exciting, and fulfilling experience. Fun, meeting and exchanging ideas with other members. Exciting, getting new and exciting Nirvana products and always wondering what great new features Nirvana has up it's sleeve. Fulfilling, using the Nirvana software to make money in the markets.

Lain B. Nirvana Trader since 1998

OmniTrader, ahead of the competition!

Nirvana pushes the envelope with every release of OmniTrader, keeping it ahead of the competition.

Dan J. Nirvana Trader since 2005

Trade Successfully!

Thanks for all you do to enable us to trade successfully.

Robert V. Nirvana Trader since 1998

16.48% returns are good!

Over the past 2 years, I have 16.48% annual return which is good!

Chris N. Nirvana Trader since 2001

Exciting New Products And Updates!

Each year trading with Nirvana becomes more exciting as new products and updates are introduced. The Nirvana Membership has allowed me to gain better knowledge on the hows and whys of these great programs as well as meet some great people with similar interests.

Tapan M. Nirvana Trader since 2007

28.59% YTD in 2020

I am up 28.59% YTD in 2020

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