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Nirvana Testimonials 
Members Share Their Experience with the Nirvana Systems

We asked members to answer the questions "How has Nirvana Systems helped you?" and "Why would you recommend OmniTrader to other traders?"

Mike L. Nirvana Trader since 2007

I'm up 18%

I'm up 18% in 2020 using Nirvana products!

Steve J. Nirvana Trader since 1997

I trade everyday using Nirvana Systems products!

I trade every day using Nirvana Systems products...Omnitrader and VirtualTrader. Both products assist me in my decision making.

David B. Nirvana Trader since 1998

Education is the "killer feature" Nirvana has needed!

This latest focus on education is the "killer feature" Nirvana has needed for some years now. I no longer am a slave to the process of agonizing over managing every single trade. I can diversify and have a near 90% assurance that I will be profitable in any given week.

Thank you so much. I am looking forward to future courses and learning more.

David L. Nirvana Trader since 1990

I trust Nirvana with my money!

I trust Nirvana with my money and Membership has been the best investment I ever made.

Colin C. Nirvana Trader since 2004

Nirvana Education is Fantastic!

Nirvana Education is Fantastic!

Nick L. Nirvana Trader since 1990

Many benefits will be realized by all.

Thank you for Nirvana Education. Many benefits will be realized by all.

Randy H. Nirvana Trader since 1991

Find Your Personal Way!

Nirvana software allows you to find your personal way to consistently and effectively trade today's fast paced market.

David O. Nirvana Trader since 1995

Fun, Exciting, and Fulfilling!

I've been a Nirvana Member since 1995. It's been a fun, exciting, and fulfilling experience. Fun, meeting and exchanging ideas with other members. Exciting, getting new and exciting Nirvana products and always wondering what great new features Nirvana has up it's sleeve. Fulfilling, using the Nirvana software to make money in the markets.

John L. Nirvana Trader since 2000

The Nirvana Membership remains my single best resource for trading success.

When one trades for a living, it is very easy to become relatively narrow in approach to the markets. It is my opinion that everyone must grow professionally to continue to be successful. The Nirvana membership has exposed me to new strategies and approaches as well as to a group of exceptional traders. It would be difficult to quantify the monetary benefit of the membership as I daily tweak the tools (OmniTrader and VisualTrader) and employ new ideas I have learned from the community. The Nirvana Membership remains my single best resource for trading success.

The Nirvana membership provides a Forum to discuss trading needs, software applications, and personal trading results (Forums); an opportunity to review products in development (Beta Tests) and make suggestions/recommendations; and a vast and diverse group of other members to provide suggestions and solutions. Of course, ultimately, the membership is focused on the ultimate trading solution. Together, these resources make the subscription one of the best values I have found. I have recommended Nirvana membership to many of my personal friends who wish to go to the next level in trading success.

Steve M. Nirvana Trader since 2006

I'm up $500 in 2 days!

I'm taking the OTU Swing Trader Course and trading with real money. I'm up $500 in 2 days!

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