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Nirvana Testimonials 
Members Share Their Experience with the Nirvana Systems

We asked members to answer the questions "How has Nirvana Systems helped you?" and "Why would you recommend OmniTrader to other traders?"

Salim H. Nirvana Trader since 1992

Thank You!

Thank You for great genuine products, service, and a caring staff.

Steve J. Nirvana Trader since 1997

I trade everyday using Nirvana Systems products!

I trade every day using Nirvana Systems products...Omnitrader and VirtualTrader. Both products assist me in my decision making.

Dan J. Nirvana Trader since 2005

Trade Successfully!

Thanks for all you do to enable us to trade successfully.

Dave M. Nirvana Trader since 2013

I've made $1,312 in the past two days!

I'm enjoying the courses...and made $1,312 in the past two days using what I've learned 😉

Dale V. Nirvana Trader since 1990

My Nirvana membership helps me!

My Nirvana membership helps me by continually chasing the dream of automatic trading. That takes dedicated researchers who need to be paid for. I am willing to fund some of that for the privilege of being part of it. The products continue to improve over time. OmniTrader is a unique stock sorting tool for traders. No one does it quite like Omnitrader. Not tradestation nor Metastock.

Nick L. Nirvana Trader since 1990

Many benefits will be realized by all.

Thank you for Nirvana Education. Many benefits will be realized by all.

Tapan M. Nirvana Trader since 2007

28.59% YTD in 2020

I am up 28.59% YTD in 2020

Colin C. Nirvana Trader since 2004

Nirvana Education is Fantastic!

Nirvana Education is Fantastic!

David B. Nirvana Trader since 1998

I have been averaging around 90% profitable symbols!

I having been trading the Strategies (trained for my own custom list of long-term trending stocks), I have been averaging around 90% profitable symbols (for every basket of 20 stocks I go long on Monday, all but 1-3 of them are profitable by close on Friday).

This has only been possible because of what I have learned in Nirvana Education and Membership Lectures.

John L. Nirvana Trader since 2000

Is Membership worth the cost? Absolutely!

If you are a serious trader or investor, it's important to have both dynamic decision software and reliable support.
Nirvana Members profit from both. Members not only benefit from these new innovations, but often propose and even test ideas before they're ever released.
Importantly, Members support each other. Is it worth the cost of membership? Ask any of the Members who remain active year after year -- absolutely!

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