Nirvana Testimonials 
Members Share Their Experience with the Nirvana Systems

We asked members to answer the questions "How has Nirvana Systems helped you?" and "Why would you recommend OmniTrader to other traders?"

“Back in the early 1990's, I started to get interested in equity trading, to get my IRA account to grow substantial. During that time I had been looking into lots of different software packages being sold. Just to name a few: OmniTrader, SuperCharts, Windows on Wall Street, Trading Expert, MetaStock and TeleChart. Each one has their own little advantages and a few of them are no longer around today. As I recall on December 2, 1996 I ordered OmniTrader from Nirvana Systems and have been using it ever since. I cannot go a trading day without the software. It's the best software out there and I would never use another charting program then OmniTrader. The software is very easy to learn and the scan features are fast.

At the beginning I was using Game Mode constantly until I felt confident to trade with my hard earned trading account. Today, I still use Game Mode, usually on the weekends, playing around with different trading strategies and to keep me focus on my trading skills. This is a wonderful trading tool and also fun to use.

I started back in 1996 with $10,000.00 in my IRA account and this account has grown to over $1,000,000.00 to date. OmniTrader is my daily charting tool. Before I had it, I never picked the right stocks to trade and was always on the wrong side of the trade. Today I'm more confident in my daily stocks because OmniTrader always has me trade the right side.

Thank you Ed, for this wonderful software. You gave me cash machine! I trade full time at home and really enjoy waking up every morning, going onto OmniTrader and trading for a living. There is no business or job that can be so rewarding. I look forward everyday wondering what new features are going to be added.”

Frank KoenigTrader
Ronald Lewis

“I never thought that I would ever get ‘hooked’ trading five minute time frames! Every since your introduction of your SS trading strategies, I have been hooked into doing so. The results using paper trading have been astonishing (to say the least)! I have enrolled into GX Trader, and will start active trading at the beginning of the year.

Note: I never trade (in any time frame) without using Hurst Cycle Trader in combination with your Keltner Channel indicator plus your WaveTrader plug-in; all on the same chart or charts. Using the combination of all mentioned three will be very intuitive as to making decisions to get in / or get out / or continue to stay in any trade (real money maker)!

“I've been a faithful OmniTrader user since the early 1990's. Why my steadfast loyalty? Very simple, with OmniTrader, I make money - LOTS of money. I had been following one stock with OmniTrader with interest for quite some time. Late one trading day I got a "BUY" signal from OmniTrader. While I usually do not deal in options, I thought, what the heck, at least if I buy Options I know exactly what my downside risk is. Well I bought those Calls, and towards the end of the next trading day I sold those Calls. My profit? $10,000! That's right! TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in one day! Does OmniTrader increase your chances of making educated buying and selling decisions? Absolutely! I wouldn't trade without it. I wouldn't dream of day trading without OmniTrader. Thank you for a great product!”

Dr. LousignontTrader
Greg D.Trader

“Thank you for a unique & excellent tool, and a terrific company. I have looked for something like this for many years. I really appreciate the patience & caring when I call support. I've been trading index options (puts & calls) for about 3 months now, with results from 30% per week to - 15% per week. “

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