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Nirvana Testimonials 
Members Share Their Experience with the Nirvana Systems

We asked members to answer the questions "How has Nirvana Systems helped you?" and "Why would you recommend OmniTrader to other traders?"

David O. Nirvana Trader since 1995

I would join again without hesitation!

I've been a Nirvana member since the beginning. Joining has been one of the best "trading" decisions of my life. With the shared help and ideas of other members, and the special attention Nirvana gives members, even after all this time I would join again without hesitation.

Lain B. Nirvana Trader since 1998

OmniTrader, ahead of the competition!

Nirvana pushes the envelope with every release of OmniTrader, keeping it ahead of the competition.

Randy M. Nirvana Trader since 1996

The best possibility of reaching the goal of automated trading that I have found.

OmniTrader shows great promise in streamlining the time and effort necessary to find good trade setups. I am continuing to experiment with all of its capabilities and features to enhance my trading. Nirvana Membership represents the best possibility of reaching the goal of automated trading that I have found. Nirvana Systems has employed state of the art technology and creative approaches to solving the automated trading problem. Customer service is exemplary and the Forum has been very educational and promotes the effective sharing of trading ideas and experience.

John G. Nirvana Trader since 2005

Everything is here to ensure trading success!

Everything is here to ensure trading success. The key is to define exactly what you want to do and keep the tools/systems few and simple.

Dave M. Nirvana Trader since 2013

I've made $1,312 in the past two days!

I'm enjoying the courses...and made $1,312 in the past two days using what I've learned 😉

Colin C. Nirvana Trader since 2004

Nirvana Education is Fantastic!

Nirvana Education is Fantastic!

Salim H. Nirvana Trader since 1992

Thank You!

Thank You for great genuine products, service, and a caring staff.

Rob R. Nirvana Trader since 1999

I LOVE The Nirvana Education

I love the Nirvana Education; You are reaching a zenith and consistently professional!

Chris N. Nirvana Trader since 2001

I thank you for the recordings, it has helped me "catch up".

The first day was tough on me as I could only jump in and out due to home school obligations with children. I thank you for the recordings, it has helped me "catch up". I also appreciate the education on "how to" use the software properly, which is making me get back into VT. I see all of you are working hard to make this a success and I am sure it will be.

Tapan M. Nirvana Trader since 2007

28.59% YTD in 2020

I am up 28.59% YTD in 2020

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