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Chart Pattern Systems 7


Compatible Platform: OmniTrader / VisualTrader

Recommended Data: End Of Day / Real Time

Chart Pattern Systems 7 is the most advanced Chart Pattern tool available anywhere. CPS7  generates incredible signals based on chart patterns. Let us show you how to use Chart Patterns to make money in the ANY market environment.


The Next Evolution in Chart Pattern Recognition!

Chart Pattern Systems 7 builds on the legacy of Nirvana’s expertise in this area, adding improved Chart Pattern analysis to help our customers use the Power of Patterns in all their trading.   Not only are the Patterns in CPS7 better than any we have released before, we now have PATTERN OMNISCANS!  Whether you trade in Real Time or after the Close, the combined firepower of these assets is going to help you find explosive moves each and every day.

Better Patterns!

Parameters have been added to the Pattern Systems to better qualify the patterns and “confirm” them.

To the right are two examples of Gaps. The first is confirmed with 1 bar after the pattern, and the second is confirmed with 3 bars. Assuring that the chart moves at least 3 bars in the direction of the pattern clearly improves accuracy. Amazing moves in Chart #2.

Confirmed Bars Requirement means less-confirmed Signals are removed.

CPS7 Strategies

Strategies Provided:
CPS7 Trend Line Breaks
CPS7 Trend Line Reversals
CPS7 Support-Resistance Breaks
CPS7 Support-Resistance Reversals
CPS7 Gaps
CPS7 Fibonacci Retracements
CPS7 Saucers
CPS7 Volume Climax
CPS7 Consolidations

We include Strategies for all 7 of the Chart Patterns Ed Downs describes in his book, “The 7 Patterns that Consistently Make Money”. 

Support-Resistance and Trend lines are broken into separate strategies for Breakouts and Reversals, providing a total of 9 Strategies in the Suite.

A Solid Selection of Pattern Signals – Every Day

Dow 30 – Generating plenty of great Signals on AAPL and other stocks in the list.

This Focus List shows the Dow 30 Stocks, and all the patterns that have fired.

Just clicking through them provides awesome candidates – for many of them, the potential for movement almost jumps off the chart! You’re going to see these kinds of candidates every day when you fire up your CPS7 Profile.

Chart Pattern OmniScans!

Imagine being able to scan the entire market every day for Chart Patterns that show the psychology of every stock. With the release of CPS7, we are including special Chart Pattern Indicators. These indicators can be used many places, but the best place to use them is in OmniScans.

We provide an OmniScan for each of the Indicators provided with CPS7. Every day, you will be alerted to patterns that are identified across the market. Just switch between them in the Focus List.

An example of a CPS7 Gap Scan is shown - Plenty of Candidates every day.

A Special Bonus
for Nirvana Club Members:

ARM6 Patterns

We have trained ARM6 on the Pattern Strategies in CPS7 with some great results.   These are Mechanical Strategies with Trade Plans designed to achieve maximum profits.  Here are some statistics from a recent run.

ARM6 Pattern Performance

The CPS7 GA Patterns Strategy Suite shows amazing Signals. Here is an example on Texas Instruments.

What’s Included with CPS7:

  • 15 New Systems
  • 9 Pre-Configured Strategies
  • 15 Chart Pattern OmniScript Formulas
  • 9 Chart Pattern OmniScans
  • PLUS – 8 ARM6 Pattern Strategies for Nirvana Club Members!