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CPS7 Pattern Package

Find the Most Profitable Chart Patterns -  Automatically!

Get great, automatic trading opportunities based on the best Chart Pattern Recognition Technology on stocks across the entire market every day!

Everything you Need to Profit from Chart Pattern Signals over the next 30 days for just $9.95

The Only Trading Software that Generates Profitable Trades - Automatically

  • OmniTrader: Nirvana Systems award winning trading platform. Easy to install and use.  LEARN MORE
  • OmniData: Market Data on the entire U.S. Stock Market
  • OmniScans: Automatically Scans the Market for Chart Pattern Signals
  • Chart Pattern Systems 7: Reg. $495, Included FREE with your trial


CPS7 Trading Strategies: GREAT Pattern Trades!

We have created Trading Strategies for all of the most profitable Chart Patterns.
Here are just a few examples of the quality of signals provided by CPS7.

Consolidation Breakouts

Support/Resistance Breaks

Trendline Reversals

CPS7 Strategies Provided:

CPS7 Trend Line Breaks
CPS7 Trend Line Reversals
CPS7 Support-Resistance Breaks
CPS7 Support-Resistance Reversals
CPS7 Gaps
CPS7 Fibonacci Retracements
CPS7 Saucers
CPS7 Volume Climax
CPS7 Consolidations

Each CPS7 Trading Strategy uses a particular pattern provided in the plugin. These strategies have been configured in order to find the best trades for each type of pattern. Since each strategy focuses on one pattern, you can choose which patterns you want to use for trading - or use then all!

The CPS7 Strategies harness the power of pattern confirmation in order to deliver great trading opportunities in any timeframe. These strategies can not only be used to find awesome trades, but they can also be used to confirm signals from other Trading Strategies.

Scan for Pattern Trades Across the Whole Market!

Imagine being able to scan the entire market every day for Chart Patterns that show the psychology of every stock. With CPS7, we provide Pattern Scans for each of the Indicators provided with CPS7. Every day, you will be alerted to patterns that are identified across the market. Simply enable your favorite Pattern Scans and you'll see the best chart pattern opportunities across the whole market!

Discover cutting-edge analysis with the CPS7 Pattern Package, the latest innovation in trading technology. CPS7 offers a robust signal generation based on sophisticated chart pattern recognition, designed to empower your trading.

The CPS7 Pattern Package Gives You Everything You Need to Profit!

The CPS7 Pattern Package Includes:

  • CPS 7 Pattern Recognition Technology
  • CPS7 Trading Strategies
  • CPS7 Pattern Scans
  • OmniTrader 2024 Trading Platform


  • OmniData Data Service
    Download the entire U.S. market for stocks in just a few seconds.
  • OmniScans
    Use the market scans that we provide or create scans or your own!

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