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Chart Pattern Recognition Module

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Chart Pattern Recognition Module 6


Compatible Platform: OmniTrader / VisualTrader

Recommended Data: End Of Day / Real Time

The Chart Pattern Recognition Module (CPRM) automatically finds the stocks with the strongest patterns in the market. Now in CPRM6, we can also find the best patterns in ANY time-frame! This breakthrough in pattern identification technology makes the best Chart Pattern Module more powerful than ever before!

Supercharge Your Trading with
The Power of Patterns!

 Armed with OmniTrader and  CPRM6 you see patterns setups
BEFORE they turn into GREAT trades enabling you to act and profit.

Find Patterns Faster
And Easier

Zero Configuration Needed

Simply let OmniTrader analysis and see powerful patterns displayed right in the focus list and on your chart...

The Strength Matters

Not all patterns are created equally.  CPRM ranks each pattern based on Strength to show you the most PROFITABLE Patterns.

Pattern Strength

Patterns "Simplified"

Over 200 Chart Patterns Instantly Identified

The CPRM makes prospecting for great trades so easy. Quickly identify over 200 types of forming patterns so you see the setup BEFORE they turn into great trades.

Built in Chart Pattern Education

Patter Tutor that will show you live examples of all patterns historically - What a great way to learn and gain confidence in patterns!

Profitable in -
End of Day or Real Time

See patterns in Higher or Lower Timeframes

CPRM confirms when stocks are positioned to increase or decrease value by analyzing both daily and weekly trading patterns. This combination makes it easy to find strong trading opportunities on a consistent basis.

With SEVEN new chart patterns PLUS the ability to test the historical profitability of ALL patterns on your list...

Chart Pattern Recognition Module 6 is sure to make a huge difference in your trading. Prepare to be amazed at the ‘moves’ CPRM6 identifies before they happen.

This is what Technical Analysis is all about.

7 NEW Chart Patterns!

  • Double Tops & Bottoms
  • Triple Tops & Bottoms
  • Channels
  • Cup & Handle
  • Scallop
  • Head & Shoulders
  • (Trading) Ranges

Profitable Patterns Appear Automatically

Plus All the Classic

Chart Patterns!

  • Support Break
  • Support Reversal
  • Breakaway Gap
  • Measured Gap
  • Exhaustion Gap
  • Resistance Break
  • Resistance Reversal
  • Saucer Reversal
  • Volume Climax
  • Volume Trend
  • Fibonacci Reversal
  • Consolidation Breaks
  • Trend Line Break
  • Trend Line Reversal
  • Plus Candles!!!


Know WHICH Patterns are the Most Profitable on Your Symbols! The NEW Chart Pattern Profit Analyzer makes it easy to SEE which patterns have been the most profitable on your symbol list. Sub-patterns were released in CPRM3. As a result, and with the 7 new patterns introduced in CPRM6, there are literally hundreds of patterns to choose from. So now, what we really wanted to know, “Which patterns are the best (i.e., most profitable) to use?” CPRM5 provides the answer!